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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sarah's Cards Retreat - Part 1

I will start off by saying that this one and the next few posts are photo heavy - and I will try not to 'rambling on' too much.

Boy, Oh Boy - I've just spent a FAB-U-LOUS weekend in Warrington at the Sarah's Cards Retreat. My laptop is still broken so I wasn't able to blog over the weekend, so I'll tell you all about it over the next few posts.

Friday 4 November - me and Julie sent off up the M6 to Warrington, stopping off on the way for a coffee and look what we got, Yah !!! our first 'Red Cup' of the season at Starbuck. Has we were drinking in they had originally put our drinks into 'normal' cup but a quick smile, followed by a please and thank-you worked wonders and we got our wish - lol.

Then we continued the journey to Warrington, where we had arranged to meet our 'table buddies' for lunch.

As me and Julie had arrived early we took the chance to take some photos around the church, which was breath-taking,

even Julie was impressed.

The Lewis Carroll Window, what a marvellous piece of artwork, I wasn't sure why they called it that, then a lady in the church explained ...

That this was Lewis Carroll and 'Alice', apparently he had actually been ordained, and at the base of the stained glass window it actually told a story.

Then we cross the road and had lunch here,

I found this place when we came to the last retreat in March where we had a fabulous lunch then, and they didn't disappoint us now, I did end up having the same as last time, but it was truly fab and it you are even in the area, call in and enjoy a wonderful meal.

Then it was onto the Hotel for a weekend of fun, laughter, scrapping and shopping.

I will share all the class layouts in the next post, Part 2.

Our room.

The Shop - didn't take a lot of photos of the shop has I was busy buying - lol

Sarah's Cards stock a fab range of products and I love most of them, well to be honest I love them all but especially Studio Calico, October Afternoon and American Craft - all just simply yummy and just what the doctor ordered - lol. Well he would do if he know it would have me happy.

and of course the wonderful sweet section - all the 'old fashioned' sweets that you just NEEDED throughout the weekend.

The crop room

The Dining Room

Right I'll end now and if you have got this far, thanks for sticking with me and I hope I've not bored you too much, and if you want to come back and see and hear more about this weekend, please do.

Part 2 will be the class layouts.


craftynic said...

Excellent blog Jackie! did you photoshop in the flowers on the tree oputside the church by any chance? ! lol .... and now the photo taking of all our food makes sense now too ! lol. It was lovely to meet you and a fab weekend ! Nicola

Helsbells said...

Nice to see your pictures. I didn't take any this time. Glad you enjoyed it and was really nice to chat to you yesterday :)

Jenny said...

Eagerly awaiting part two, a kinda sneak preview for me for March! *lol*

Jane said...

Love all the photos Jackie makes me home sick I used to live near Preston and when I saw your motorway sign photo I had a little tweek on the heart strings ....
Looking forward to seeing your cards..
Jane via Studio Calico

Jackie xxx said...

Nicola - I didn't photoshop the pic, didn't notice it till you mentioned, it was a large holly bush - must admit looks very arty - go me !!! x

Jane - I'm originally from Preston myself, and I know how you feel about the tweak of the heart strings ... happens to me as well. x

Helen - it was lovely to meet you again. x