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Friday, 31 July 2009

Completed layouts

I've got a DH and DS free weekend, so today I decided to finish off some of the layouts that I've started and not finished.

Thank you - is one from the Scrapagogo Opp North Day Event - and designed by Helen Miles, it was a 12" x 6" layouts, but she showed us how to mount it onto a 12"x12" it you wanted. I've mounted it on to Kraft Cardstock, and stamped

Home is where the Heart is - designed by Sam Ball, this layout uses 7 different sheets of patterned papers, and just showcases your home.

She had even done some mini templates for the little people.

As well as using an A-Z and cutting the piece where you live to incorporate onto the layout.

Gogo June 09 - This minibook design was by Ann Freeman at the Scrapagogo June Retreat, the Apple shape was using a beer mat advertising cider.

Bucket Minibook - designed by Nikki (Solihull crop), this was one of the classes that I did over the weeked at the Solihull crop. Nikki had designded to minibook, and used the Stampin-up set of stamps.
This is the 1st minibook, that I've done that doesn't have any people in, I wanted it to show where we go on holiday each year.

A few of the pages inside.

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What new ...

Well I'll finally got my Stampin' Up Demonstrators Kit, and what a load of goodies there is.

I've not used amy yet, still at the stoking stage, but will hopefully product something whether it be a set of cards or use them on a layout.

I am used to party plan, after working with Vie at Home for the past 9 years, so demonstrating products and techniques shouldn't be a problem. I'm still un-decided if I want to do alot of home demos or just sell to friends as and when. But I will definiately be making good use of these supplies and I've already made a list (ok, most of the catalogue) of the items that I want.

So here a few photos of the goodies, and it anyone interested in getting a catalogue, please get in touch.

After a few months trying to decide what sort of laptop I nededed I ended up with this, an AppleMac Pro, I only got it on Thursday, so it will take me some time to get use to it, but the time I've been on it, it looks like I will love it. Its slightly different to Windows but not much, but the iphoto section seem to be alot better quality. Will have to upload some photos and have a play to see what I can produce.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Weekend Crop and other news ....

Again I'm playing catch up as usual, behind on everything this week. I think its because James has finished school and I don't have a set structure to my days. Anyway, these are the layouts I did at my weekend crop in Solihull, onces a year Morag and Nikki organise a weekend crop Saturday 10 - midnight, and Sunday 10 - 6pm. This year they added a make & take, 2 layouts and a mini book in with the price, so even if you hadn't planned your scrapping for the weekend at least you would come home with some finish layouts etc.

So this is the one I did on Sunday, Heart & Soul, designed by Morag

As usual with Morag, pink papers but converted my photo to black & white and it worked ok.

Now, I'm really trying to use up my stash and especially by Scrapagogo kits, so this is using the June 09 kit, and following the sketch for the Week 1 birthday challenge over on the Clubhouse.

Just 4 Me - flowers given to me at a resent meal out from the girls from school as a leaving gift. Used hybrid tickets (July) and for some reason couldn't get the butterflies to print off so use my butterfly punches instead.

Botanical Gardens - another gogo kit one, using July 09 kit, and following the ideas from the July Academy. Photos taken whilst on my photographic course at Bontanical Gardens in July.

Prince Charming - Scrapagogo July 09 kit. Photo of Jon at our last street BBQ. I've added alot of little details to this layout and it the best of the ones I've done this weekend.

the "42" represents his age.

the "charming" is from the July Greeting sheet.

Doesn't this stamp go well with my title, its one a borrowed from Julie, not sure who makes it, but it stamps really well.

Amazing Boy - this was quick on that documents how I felt when James got "Pupils' pupil of the year. Using Scrapagogo Greeting July 09 Elements.

Joy Ride - October Afternoon - Road Map - These photos are 4 years old, I've scrapped them previous, but decided to do them again with these wonderful papers. Of course I had to get the full collection, so I've got loads to use up. Again added some extra details.

The torned and inked edges, the 3 buttons to represent "traffic lights" and a few stickers down the sides.

Another quick layout of James and his Football Coach at the presentation at the end of term. Using Fancy Pants.

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Friday, 24 July 2009

Another proud Mum moment

Just throught I'd share with you, James has been at summer school at his new secondary school, that he starts in September. Its away for the Year 7 to meet each other and get to go around the school and meet some of the teachers.

The days have been structured with Science, Math, English, History, PE, Textiles and Drama, but is a fun way. Anyway today, the parents were invited to attended the last hour were the school talked about what they had done and gave out awards, well James won Best Boy of the whole group, approx. 60 pupils, as well as Best Behaviours in his group, about 20 pupils.

He is so looking forward to starting school, and this has given him a more positive feel for the place, not that he was worried about going anyway.

Me and Jon decided that has his birthday in at Christmas we would get him a present now, so we got him a new bike, to stay at home. We have told him that it was for his hard work with his SATs and throughout the year at his Junior school. So Jon, picked it up today and he is so chuffed. Will upload photos later.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Moving on ....

Well this past week has been a bit busy, with finishing off my sons cards, buying presents, and generally getting use to the idea of my son leaving Juniors to go to Secondary.

My last week started off with these,

I've meet some great Mum at the school, who have become my friends, and we go out every 2 months or so, for a meal, so we had planned to go on Thursday evening when I arrived I was greated with these, because as well as James leaving I am as well. It was a great surprise and was totally unexpected. I will be keeping in touch, and has I'm still a parent governor for the next year, I will be up at the school anyway, not that I need an excuse.

Well the wine flowed and I was very bad on Friday, spending the best part of the day lying down, so have come to the conclusion that I'm too old to drink .... until the next time that is - ha! ha!

I finally finished James leaving cards, did them very simple, for all his year group who are leaving for secondary school.

These are just a few of them, finally did 50. I would like to thank Karen (UKS Quackas) for the stamped images, very much appreciated.

Then onto making the teachers thank you cards, again using Magnolia stamped images, I think these stamps are ones Morag or Kay has, I've still not got any myself (yet!!!)

Then finally on the crafty front, was making some mini autography books for James and his two friends.

Then on Tuesday morning was my sons leaving assembly, I had prepared everyone around me that I was going to cry and boy did I cry, as soon as Year 6 start to come into the hall I started and got worst as the performance went on, my friends sat around me were all laughing at me.

The kids did a great job of reminising about there time at the school from Nursery to Year 6, with a lot of singing and dancing, I did take some pics, but not all have come out, so much for having a fancy camera eh., and even going on the course. I think I spent to much time messing with the control dial, should have just put it on auto.

Anyway, towards the end of the performance they had an awards ceremony, that the year 6 choose themselves, and my son, got the Pupil's pupil award. I was so chocked I could hardly breath, and the girls around me, who where laughing at my crying all started to cry. I'm so proud of him, I can't put it into words.

I've never been afraid to say that my son has a statement, and needs help at school, and I know they are people who think this makes him or others like him "thick" or "stupid" but he needs help and I'm so glad that he can get it. But this award has nothing to do with his acadamic ability, it solely on how the other pupils rate him, and to think that they rate him so highly means more to me than him being in the top group for any subject and I hope and wish he continues to make friends in his new school and that they rate him as highly as his present friends do.

I'm so proud of you, my son.

So today is time to start to let go ... 3 of his friends have come round and he has gone out ... to hang out ... I'm going have to get use to it I suppose, but after 11 1/2 years on being in control I know I'll find it hard.

Will hopefully have some LO to share next week, got a weekend crop in Solihull this weekend so should finish a few.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Road Trip !!!!

The weekend was not what I had hoped for, it started off really well, a quick visit to the Bromsgrove crop, mainly to pick up my Stampin' Up stamps from Debs, and have a quick look round the Skrapz shop.

Sheena arrived about 2ish and we set off up the M6 to Warrington, the plan was to get to the Hotel, relax, meet up with Patrice and Shelle, enjoy the Spa facilities and then go out for a meal. Me and Sheena got on really well, we were soon chatting like we had know each other for years, anyway we where 3 miles away from Hotel when, we were hit by a 60 tonne mobile crane from behind, we know it was 60 tonnes because that was the 1st thing that the driver told us.

We were slowing down for the traffic lights, and the crane was going to fast, couldn't stop, and sweaved to avoid a full impact, just clipped the back end. We were immediately surrounded by people, a man was going mad at the driver of the crane, because he said that even before he hit us he now it was travelling too fast.

Thankfully he admitted that he was at fault. We swapped details and got to the hotel, the driver of the crane, even said he would follow us to make sure we got their, as if. So we spent the next 5 mins making sure he wasn't behind us, as a matter of fact, all cars coming up behind us, kept their distance.

Sheena hubby was great, I tried to keep calm, even through I felt sick, because I know it I lost it, so would Sheena. The Police wouldn't come out because the car wasn't blocking the road.
Anyway at the hotel, we park and waited for the Recovery people to come, Sheena Hubby, Paul was sorting thing out before we had even got to the hotel, his main concern was that we were both OK. we were concerned about how we were going to get to the Workshop and home with are crafty things.
After a lot of phone calls, the Insurance people said that they couldn't get a hire car till Monday am, and that they wouldn't pay for an extra night stay, so Paul drove up from Coventry to pick us up on the Sunday.
When I talked to Jon, he was only concerned that we were not hurt, and not to worry about the car, and that if it came to it, to hop on a train back to Birmingham, the station was next to the hotel.
Anyway, we tried out best to enjoy the rest of the weekend, but it was hard, we did have about 1 hours in the spa and went out for a meal in Stockon Heath.

I've come to the conclusion that it should be compulsory for all people to take a basic photography course at school, just to get a descent photo, not blurred, out of focus etc, this was the best we could get with all four of us in it.
The workshop on Sunday, was good, I was so looking forward to it, but the event of Saturday, put a dampener on things, I didn't take any photos, nore did I finish any of the projects or even looked at the projects when I got home, in fact, I was in bed for 9pm on Sunday night.
On Monday, when I woke up I had a pain in my left upper arm, where I had put my arm out onto the dashboard to stop myself going forward, and a very stiff neck, phoned for a GP appointment, can't see me till Wed pm, but if it gets worst then phone back.
But I also woke up feeling very guilty, and filled with "what ifs". If I hadn't asked Sheena if I could go with them the night before, she would have been with Patrice and Shelle, and I would have drove up on the Sunday am, like I had planned to do, and the accident wouldn't have happened. So Monday was a very sad day for me, I'm felling alot better today, and I do reaslised that it was an accident and not our faults, and I do thank GOD that we are both OK even though in pain.
So nothing to share you this week of a crafty nature, when I get around to finishing my workshops LO with upload.
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Friday, 10 July 2009

visit to Preston

Well I made it to Preston on Monday, after saying bye to son and his year group who went to camp for the week. I shot up the M6 only to be stopped in my tracks on the M6 in heavy rain, so bad that the motorway was at a standstill for about 30 minutes.

I headed straight to the cementry to reunite my mum and brother, and lay some flowers, the off to my friends to spend a couple of days. Her daughter and friend were going on holiday for 2 weeks, and even throught I felt very sad it was soon swept aside with the joy of seeing them so excited.

I laughed so much in the space of 30 minutes I was sure I needed to be called "the Tena Lady", my nieces friends, Lauren, suitcase was 23kg, so she decided to take some things out, well, she opened the case and on top was a 4-way socket adaptor - after I had stopped laughing she calmly explained that it was needed because, their was one socket for the hair straighteners, one for the hair dryer, one for the ipod and one for the phone charger.

Then she went on to take out 7 pairs of "thick" woolly socks "explanation" - feet get cold at night (and she only 19), followed by what seemed to be 50 pairs of knickers, and at least 15 bras, 6 bottles of perfume (quote - not sure which one I might need), 6 pair of shoes (even thought she the same size as my niece) but the best thing was a "thick" wooley cardy, (quote "its gets cold at night, you know"). I just laughed and laughed, she had the smallest pair of shorts ever and she was worried about cold nights.

We did manage to get her to leave some things behind, but I don't think she was happy. Anyway they arrived safe and sound and they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Its great for me to go back to Preston on a regular basis, I really miss my friends especially when things are not 100%, anyway we had usual shopping trip then we meet up for a lovely Italian meal, and discussed going to Spain in September, I know I can't go for the week, becasue its when James starts his secondary school but I'm looking into going for a long weekend, so finger crossed I can get a cheap deal.

I just love these girls, they are my true friends and I do miss them.

On another note, I showed them my photos that Cheryl took at the Retreat, I'm so please with them and they throught they were georgous, I even showed Mark, my friends partner who said that they next time I go on a Crafty weekend to take her with me so she could get her own done for him.

Anyway thanks for stopping by, must go got another "GoGo" weekend ahead.

Layouts & Cards

I've finally got around to photographing my LOs and card, so first off is the card that I did at the Stampiing Up Party last week.

Now follows the layouts I did last weekend, with my "new" best product ever (until something else takes my fancy - LOL). Glimmer Mist, I was first introduced to them by Audrey Tan at the Solihull Crop sometime last year, and even through I like them, didn't think they were "my thing", well as usual I was wrong - I LOVE 'EM. As you can see I've got 4 bottles and I gone for everyday colours, eg blue, green, brown and pink - the ones that I know I will use most.

Just Chillin - Fancy Pants - On a Whimsy Collection, with blue glimmer mist behind the photo, a shot taken in Julie's hot tub last month.

Have also got a dimensional punch now, so watch out for most of my layouts having a butterfly on them.

Chicken Run - October Afternoon - Cherry Hill. This layout was one I took to my Retreat at the beginning of June and didn't even get it out of my bag. Again used Glimmer Mist misted over the background paper.

Peek a boo - Scrapagogo June 09 Kit. I've not used much of this kit, so decided to do this layout, I really pleased with this one, seemed to have got my layering just right.

The "Buzz & Bloom" arrow points to the "7" which represents the date the photo was taken.

Wasn't sure how to use the pins, but I think this is just fine.

At the last one for the day is "Fun in the Sun" - using Scrapagogo May 09 kit, and some of the shots that Julie took of me in her hot tub, and of cause Glimmer Mist

Monday, 6 July 2009

Catch up Monday ....

I know, I Know I keep saying that I'll do my blog daily, but I never do. Right, what have I done over the past week, apart for the normal "housework" I did manage to put together 20 cards for my sons to give to his year group when they leave junior school, only another 15 today.

On Thursday 2nd, went to Liberty for a Stampin' Up party, which was done by Deb, or Demo Deb as she is fondly referred to, I think I've found someone who shops like me, eg, "see it, must have" mode. The demo we did was a lovely card, and I sat next to Libertys 5 year old daughter, who joined in and followed the instructions, and produced her very own card. Not photographed my card yet but will do later and upload. I have decided to become a Stampin' Up Demonstrator, just need to send off my forms.

On Saturday 4th, went over the Skrapz Crop in Shropshire, didn't get must done, even though I took loads, spent the day chatting with Sam, or should I say laughing - LOL. It was so good to meet up again, I know that we were together at the GoGo retreat last month, but it was like we hadn't seen each other for ages. Also it was good to see the ladies again who attend their and catch up with them all - I was very restraint with my spending, only spent £4.00, and that was buying cardstock to finish my "GoGo" apple minibook.

Then on Sunday, spent the day scrapping, Jon and James had gone to visit their Grandmas for the weekend so I got up, had breakfast and set a time to scrap till 12 then do housework - well it has to be done, doesn't it - well did stop about 1ish had lunch and continued to scrap till about 4.30pm.

Managed to do 4 layouts, and my CJ entry - sorry no photos yet, will add later in week.

Onto this week, well today I'm going to Preston for a few days, has you know my brother died in April and I'm taking his ashes to Preston to bury with my mum. I know it has to be done, but I feel like I'm letting go again, after I do that, I will be staying with my friends and I know that they will cheer me up - well if they don't I'm sure the wine will - LOL.

Also, my Son is going to camp for 5 days, he's so excited, and I'm the one who nervous and feel sick- even though I'm trying not to let it show. He has never stayed away from home without either Jon or me being with him, so its a big thing, but has he starts secondary school in Sept, he will be getting more independent and doing more things that doesn't involve us, so will have to get used to it I suppose.

Then on 11th, will be travelling up to Warrington with Sheena, staying overnight, then having a fab time on 12th at the "Colour me Happy" Day Event, organised by Scrapagogo, where my friend Sam will be running a class, along with other members of the GoGo DT. Can you believe it, another GoGo event.

I was even looking at the prospect of going to Jersey in November, for another GoGo Day Event , esp. when I found out that the flights was only £20.oo return, but was told that the tax was about £60, so that but an end to that.

Well must go, thanks for stopping by ...