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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Moving on ....

Well this past week has been a bit busy, with finishing off my sons cards, buying presents, and generally getting use to the idea of my son leaving Juniors to go to Secondary.

My last week started off with these,

I've meet some great Mum at the school, who have become my friends, and we go out every 2 months or so, for a meal, so we had planned to go on Thursday evening when I arrived I was greated with these, because as well as James leaving I am as well. It was a great surprise and was totally unexpected. I will be keeping in touch, and has I'm still a parent governor for the next year, I will be up at the school anyway, not that I need an excuse.

Well the wine flowed and I was very bad on Friday, spending the best part of the day lying down, so have come to the conclusion that I'm too old to drink .... until the next time that is - ha! ha!

I finally finished James leaving cards, did them very simple, for all his year group who are leaving for secondary school.

These are just a few of them, finally did 50. I would like to thank Karen (UKS Quackas) for the stamped images, very much appreciated.

Then onto making the teachers thank you cards, again using Magnolia stamped images, I think these stamps are ones Morag or Kay has, I've still not got any myself (yet!!!)

Then finally on the crafty front, was making some mini autography books for James and his two friends.

Then on Tuesday morning was my sons leaving assembly, I had prepared everyone around me that I was going to cry and boy did I cry, as soon as Year 6 start to come into the hall I started and got worst as the performance went on, my friends sat around me were all laughing at me.

The kids did a great job of reminising about there time at the school from Nursery to Year 6, with a lot of singing and dancing, I did take some pics, but not all have come out, so much for having a fancy camera eh., and even going on the course. I think I spent to much time messing with the control dial, should have just put it on auto.

Anyway, towards the end of the performance they had an awards ceremony, that the year 6 choose themselves, and my son, got the Pupil's pupil award. I was so chocked I could hardly breath, and the girls around me, who where laughing at my crying all started to cry. I'm so proud of him, I can't put it into words.

I've never been afraid to say that my son has a statement, and needs help at school, and I know they are people who think this makes him or others like him "thick" or "stupid" but he needs help and I'm so glad that he can get it. But this award has nothing to do with his acadamic ability, it solely on how the other pupils rate him, and to think that they rate him so highly means more to me than him being in the top group for any subject and I hope and wish he continues to make friends in his new school and that they rate him as highly as his present friends do.

I'm so proud of you, my son.

So today is time to start to let go ... 3 of his friends have come round and he has gone out ... to hang out ... I'm going have to get use to it I suppose, but after 11 1/2 years on being in control I know I'll find it hard.

Will hopefully have some LO to share next week, got a weekend crop in Solihull this weekend so should finish a few.

Thanks for stopping by ....


Alison5 said...

Ahh Jackie, I think I will be like you in floods of tears when my eldest goes to High School in two years time. Well done on getting all those cards done your a star! My eldest Conor really struggles in school and has one to one help but I keep telling him there are more important things in life aswell as being clever and your son sure has proved it, well done to him Jackie, you must be so proud!