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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Malta - Part 2 (Gozo)

Following on ... we had decided that we must go over the Gozo for the day, so we took the ferry across the water to the next island and went on a hop on and off tour bus, which is a great way to see most of the island and be told about what each area is about.

To say it was a cold wind was definitely an understatement, it was freezing, but I braved the wind to sit out and see more of the island.

One of the places I wanted to visit was the Azure Window, which was stunning,, and even had people walking along the top, which I did not do and had no intensions of doing.

But I did manage to get my photo taken with it in the background - result.

Then as we were waiting for the next bus I spotted a bay with this little boat, so I went down to take a photo,

Now this is so not like me, but I'm in that frame of mind that I better do things and have no regrets, so before I knew what I was doing, I was sat down in the boat, putting a life jacket on and making my way thought the caves ...

The boat trip lasted 15 minutes, and it was well worth it, going through the caves was stunning, the sea was blue and looks so inviting, the coral around the edge was the most amazing colours, and at one point we could see divers under the boat exploring the sea bed.  

I did try and get photos of the colour of the sea, the coral but as the boat didn't stop I found it really hard, and then I thought to myself that I was missing it all, trying to get the perfect photo and messing with my camera, so I put it  down and enjoyed the ride.

If you ever go to Gozo - I would definitely recommend taking this boat trip.

I'll be back shortly with more Malta photos.

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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Malta 2016 - Part 1

My aunty turned 80 at the end of March and my cousin and I took her to Malta for a 5 day visit, my cousin had booked the hotel it being a spa hotel so that if my aunty didn't want to leave the hotel then there would be nice facilities for us all to relax in.

Well my Aunty was up for everything that we wanted to do, she is definitely a very young 80 year old, she has her aches and pains but she as always made the most out of life, when my mum died suddenly at 65 - not only did it shocked us all but it put everything in to perspective that life is definitely too short and it needs to be lived as best you can.

So here are a few photos

my cousin had arranged for the cabin crew to bring my Aunty some champagne when we were flying out, which she loved.

we arrived to temperature of 21 degrees, and were where ready to make the most of the weather whilst we were there.

The first look of the hotel, was very impressive.

Our rooms where large, clean and very comfortable.

We had arrived shortly after lunchtime, but we had a meal on the plane so wasn't that hungry, so we opted for Afternoon Tea to have before we had our evening meal.

then we had a wonder around the hotel, before we went back to our rooms, this is the outside pool area, two large pools but both were freezing, and I did want to go in but they were way too cold.

In-door pool area.

Then it was time to have our evening meal, the hotel had 3 restaurants and we choose the Rickshaw Thai restaurant, and boy was it a great choice,

This was our starter to share between us ... it was so yummy !!!

After being completely full with our meal, we returned to our room and the staff had left us some chocolate cake and champagne, which was lovely.   The champagne was lovely, but as I don't eat chocolate cake I had to take my families word that it was really nice.

We had a lovely breakfast in this amazing restaurant

then it was time to head out and about to see some of the Island, and our first stop was Valetta - where Aunty decided that she wanted to go on a horse and carriage around the area, well it was definitely not how I would have wanted to see the area, but up we all go and off we trotted.

I managed to get a few photos along the way, but not many has the carriage was very rickety - lolx but it was an experience.

We then headed in the centre of Valetta, to take more sights and sit down with a cold beer and watch the world go by and soak up the atmosphere.

I'll be back shortly with Malta - Part 2.

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Friday, 27 May 2016

I'm still here ...

Hello everyone, well April was a very busy month for me so it will take a few blogposts to get up to date, and now we are nearly at the end of May and I'm still trying to catch-up with my blog.

I've compared my month of April to waiting for a bus, you know you wait and wait for a bus and then, not one but two or three turn up at once.  Well that was how my April was, but with events not buses - lol x.

This is how my March / April appeared in my calendar

Good Friday (25/3) till Tuesday (29/3) - Norfolk
Wednesday (30/3) - travel to London
Thursday(31/3) - Fly to Malta with family
Tuesday (5/4) - Return to UK, and travel home
Wed (6/4 -8/4) - Fri am - quick turn around them travel to Preston for a long weekend
Fri pm (8/4) - Mon pm  (11/4)- Preston (school re-union)
Mon pm (11/4) - Fri am (15/4) - home and catch up with my boys
Friday (15/4) - till Mon (25/4) (10 days) - Crafting retreat - organised 2 weekend craft retreats with two different group - 1st one friends, 2nd one HLM DT girls.  But decided to stay the days in between and went on a few day trips, blog post to follow.

The above took a lot of planning and organising especially with such a short turn around between each event.  Thankfully my husband was great and supported my time away from the family 100%  and now that James is older its a lot easier.  But really could I have been any more busier for the month of April.

Now I am back its taking me some time to sort my head out and get back on track with everything, I am hoping that I can catch up with my blog and share some of my layouts with your all, over the next few weeks,

Let's get back to Sheringham, have I told you that I love this place, walking by the sea, visiting the various cafe in the town, eating fish & chips, enjoying an ice-cream or two, listening to the waves crashing on the rocks, I really could go on and on, but all in all this place brings me back down to earth and I've stood still for a while and just enjoy the peace, calm and stillness of life while I recharge my batteries.

So I will start my catch-up from the end of March, well Good Friday to be exact and we made our trip down to Norfolk for a family holiday, this was going to be a short week for me as I had to make my way to London for a trip to Malta (blogpost here).

So here are a few photos from my trip.

My inlaws where with us this time and we had a few long beach walks together, which was lovely.

After one of our walks, we found a pen of lamb near the sea front, talk about seeing something

As usual I went to the Easter Sunday service, again bringing be peace and calmness.

We had several ice-creams - which are made with Norfolk milk and are the creamiest I've had and if you can't get one flavour that you would like here then you are super fussy.

We had a family Thai meal in the local restaurant, which was lovely.

What is it about being by the sea and it bringing you some peace and calmness to your life? Am I getting a bit too deep ?  I just love walking along the beach, sitting my the waters edge and breathing in the sea air ...

One of my highlight was re-meeting Wes, I met him on the beach last October and he came running up to me, OMG! I love this dog, is that possible to love a dog when you don't even know it - well again he came running over to me and the owners was just as shocked as me that he recognised me, if I lived down here I could be his regular dog walker and dog sitter no problem.

And there was also several coffees and samples of cakes before I left

And an evening walk to watch the sunset over the sea.

Then it was time for me to leave and make my way down to London, of course with the help of James wheeling my case to the station.

I will be back shortly with my visit to Malta, which will be in two parts.