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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Malta 2016 - Part 1

My aunty turned 80 at the end of March and my cousin and I took her to Malta for a 5 day visit, my cousin had booked the hotel it being a spa hotel so that if my aunty didn't want to leave the hotel then there would be nice facilities for us all to relax in.

Well my Aunty was up for everything that we wanted to do, she is definitely a very young 80 year old, she has her aches and pains but she as always made the most out of life, when my mum died suddenly at 65 - not only did it shocked us all but it put everything in to perspective that life is definitely too short and it needs to be lived as best you can.

So here are a few photos

my cousin had arranged for the cabin crew to bring my Aunty some champagne when we were flying out, which she loved.

we arrived to temperature of 21 degrees, and were where ready to make the most of the weather whilst we were there.

The first look of the hotel, was very impressive.

Our rooms where large, clean and very comfortable.

We had arrived shortly after lunchtime, but we had a meal on the plane so wasn't that hungry, so we opted for Afternoon Tea to have before we had our evening meal.

then we had a wonder around the hotel, before we went back to our rooms, this is the outside pool area, two large pools but both were freezing, and I did want to go in but they were way too cold.

In-door pool area.

Then it was time to have our evening meal, the hotel had 3 restaurants and we choose the Rickshaw Thai restaurant, and boy was it a great choice,

This was our starter to share between us ... it was so yummy !!!

After being completely full with our meal, we returned to our room and the staff had left us some chocolate cake and champagne, which was lovely.   The champagne was lovely, but as I don't eat chocolate cake I had to take my families word that it was really nice.

We had a lovely breakfast in this amazing restaurant

then it was time to head out and about to see some of the Island, and our first stop was Valetta - where Aunty decided that she wanted to go on a horse and carriage around the area, well it was definitely not how I would have wanted to see the area, but up we all go and off we trotted.

I managed to get a few photos along the way, but not many has the carriage was very rickety - lolx but it was an experience.

We then headed in the centre of Valetta, to take more sights and sit down with a cold beer and watch the world go by and soak up the atmosphere.

I'll be back shortly with Malta - Part 2.

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