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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Malta - Part 2 (Gozo)

Following on ... we had decided that we must go over the Gozo for the day, so we took the ferry across the water to the next island and went on a hop on and off tour bus, which is a great way to see most of the island and be told about what each area is about.

To say it was a cold wind was definitely an understatement, it was freezing, but I braved the wind to sit out and see more of the island.

One of the places I wanted to visit was the Azure Window, which was stunning,, and even had people walking along the top, which I did not do and had no intensions of doing.

But I did manage to get my photo taken with it in the background - result.

Then as we were waiting for the next bus I spotted a bay with this little boat, so I went down to take a photo,

Now this is so not like me, but I'm in that frame of mind that I better do things and have no regrets, so before I knew what I was doing, I was sat down in the boat, putting a life jacket on and making my way thought the caves ...

The boat trip lasted 15 minutes, and it was well worth it, going through the caves was stunning, the sea was blue and looks so inviting, the coral around the edge was the most amazing colours, and at one point we could see divers under the boat exploring the sea bed.  

I did try and get photos of the colour of the sea, the coral but as the boat didn't stop I found it really hard, and then I thought to myself that I was missing it all, trying to get the perfect photo and messing with my camera, so I put it  down and enjoyed the ride.

If you ever go to Gozo - I would definitely recommend taking this boat trip.

I'll be back shortly with more Malta photos.

Thanks for stopping by ...