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Monday, 13 June 2016

Malta - Part 3

I did say it would only be 2 post, but I wanted to share more photos, so it might even go over to 4 blog post.

So one of the day my family decided that they wanted to stay by the pool and relax, and me being me just needed to get up and go and explore, so that is what I did, all on my own.

Here I am at the bus stop.  The Maltese people are very friendly, and as the island is small it is easy to get around.  The bus journey was only about 10 minutes to Mdina - The Silence City.

What a beautiful place it is, its a city with a fortress, please actually live here, there was a few cars and tourist horse and carriages, but mainly people walked around.

It even had its own Police station.

Most of the side road looked like this 

There was about 3 maybe 4 churches, all beautifully decorated

and I even managed to see a wedding taking place.    I had good time having some time to myself to explore and visit this site, definitely recommended.

As Mdina was closely by,  it didn't take me long to get back which gave me time to relax by the pool

I'm still struggling to catch up with my blog, so instead of doing separate post for my 'April madness" I going to condense what I've done on my next blog post.

Thanks for bearing with me,  see you soon.