What a Scrappy Life


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Condense 'April Madness" Post - Part 1

So here the a few photos from Malta and the rest of my 'April Madness".

Before we lifted me and one of my cousins went onto a bus tour, the island is just stunning, and the harbours are simply amazing

I love how the water is so clear, that you can see the little fishes swimming

 Then on my return home,  it was time to treat my boy to lunch and have a much needed catch up and gather myself for my next trip in a few days time.

I went back to Preston for a much needed catch-up for my besties, but the main thing was to attend my School Re-union.

Another life-long friend, we lost touch when I moved the Birmingham and it was lovely to see her again, and have lunch, before the bug re-union.

And what a re-union it was, it was the best and OMG! it was lovely seeing everyone again

I posted this photograph on my Facebook page and seeing that we are all now in our 50's now, the compliments we got where amazing ... and very much appreciated.  One guy said we hadn't aged, which was lovely to hear.

The day after the night before, we felt very ropey but we had to get out and about.

But it wasn't long before we ended up back at the friends, lying on the floor having a giggle about the previous night and just being us - love these girls.  Yes we had our sun-glasses on inside.

Then home and packed for my 10 crafting break in Derbyshire.

The space is perfect for us crafters to spread out.

it didn't take us long to un-pack and get our scrap on.

and have a laugh.

I'll be back soon.