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Thursday, 16 June 2016

HLM Team Retreat 2016

As I said I'd organised a 10 day crafting break, it started with a long-weekend with the Solihull girls, then a few days in between with just me and Sam, then it was time for the HLM DT Team Retreat.

So the for days in-between, me and Sam decided to go out and about on each day and do some crafting or even relaxing at night.

We went to Buxton for the day, very cold but lovely to have a walk around.

then we had a Spa day - OMG! it was totally fab, we had 3 treatments during our stay as well as breakfast and lunch

My first Spa day experience and I'm hoping its not going to be my last - felt a bit strange to start with walking around the building in a fluffy dressing gown, but we soon got used to it.

The weather was lovely that we spent the time between are treatments and eating sitting outside on the patio in the sunshine.

The next day we visited Trentham Monkey Forest - lovely to have a walk around the forest amongst the monkeys and get some lovely shots of them at rest and play.

Then Sheena joined us for our visit to Chatsworths House and Gardens

As more of the team arrived, it was time to go into Ashbourne and get some food shopping done ...

well that was the main objective, but we couldn't resist doing a spot of shopping whilst there, and taking some photos.

We even managed brunch in the sunshine.

and us being scrapbookers, we just had to take loads of photographs of the Afternoon Tea we had prepared.

It was lovely getting together with the team and our bosses, some of the team couldn't make it and where missed the those who where there we had a great time.

Then I was home with my boy again, I think he missed me - lol x 

Thank you for staying with me with my catch - up.  My next couple of blogpost will be scrapbooking related, and less of my waffling.

See you soon