What a Scrappy Life


Friday, 10 July 2009

visit to Preston

Well I made it to Preston on Monday, after saying bye to son and his year group who went to camp for the week. I shot up the M6 only to be stopped in my tracks on the M6 in heavy rain, so bad that the motorway was at a standstill for about 30 minutes.

I headed straight to the cementry to reunite my mum and brother, and lay some flowers, the off to my friends to spend a couple of days. Her daughter and friend were going on holiday for 2 weeks, and even throught I felt very sad it was soon swept aside with the joy of seeing them so excited.

I laughed so much in the space of 30 minutes I was sure I needed to be called "the Tena Lady", my nieces friends, Lauren, suitcase was 23kg, so she decided to take some things out, well, she opened the case and on top was a 4-way socket adaptor - after I had stopped laughing she calmly explained that it was needed because, their was one socket for the hair straighteners, one for the hair dryer, one for the ipod and one for the phone charger.

Then she went on to take out 7 pairs of "thick" woolly socks "explanation" - feet get cold at night (and she only 19), followed by what seemed to be 50 pairs of knickers, and at least 15 bras, 6 bottles of perfume (quote - not sure which one I might need), 6 pair of shoes (even thought she the same size as my niece) but the best thing was a "thick" wooley cardy, (quote "its gets cold at night, you know"). I just laughed and laughed, she had the smallest pair of shorts ever and she was worried about cold nights.

We did manage to get her to leave some things behind, but I don't think she was happy. Anyway they arrived safe and sound and they seem to be enjoying themselves.

Its great for me to go back to Preston on a regular basis, I really miss my friends especially when things are not 100%, anyway we had usual shopping trip then we meet up for a lovely Italian meal, and discussed going to Spain in September, I know I can't go for the week, becasue its when James starts his secondary school but I'm looking into going for a long weekend, so finger crossed I can get a cheap deal.

I just love these girls, they are my true friends and I do miss them.

On another note, I showed them my photos that Cheryl took at the Retreat, I'm so please with them and they throught they were georgous, I even showed Mark, my friends partner who said that they next time I go on a Crafty weekend to take her with me so she could get her own done for him.

Anyway thanks for stopping by, must go got another "GoGo" weekend ahead.