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Monday, 6 July 2009

Catch up Monday ....

I know, I Know I keep saying that I'll do my blog daily, but I never do. Right, what have I done over the past week, apart for the normal "housework" I did manage to put together 20 cards for my sons to give to his year group when they leave junior school, only another 15 today.

On Thursday 2nd, went to Liberty for a Stampin' Up party, which was done by Deb, or Demo Deb as she is fondly referred to, I think I've found someone who shops like me, eg, "see it, must have" mode. The demo we did was a lovely card, and I sat next to Libertys 5 year old daughter, who joined in and followed the instructions, and produced her very own card. Not photographed my card yet but will do later and upload. I have decided to become a Stampin' Up Demonstrator, just need to send off my forms.

On Saturday 4th, went over the Skrapz Crop in Shropshire, didn't get must done, even though I took loads, spent the day chatting with Sam, or should I say laughing - LOL. It was so good to meet up again, I know that we were together at the GoGo retreat last month, but it was like we hadn't seen each other for ages. Also it was good to see the ladies again who attend their and catch up with them all - I was very restraint with my spending, only spent £4.00, and that was buying cardstock to finish my "GoGo" apple minibook.

Then on Sunday, spent the day scrapping, Jon and James had gone to visit their Grandmas for the weekend so I got up, had breakfast and set a time to scrap till 12 then do housework - well it has to be done, doesn't it - well did stop about 1ish had lunch and continued to scrap till about 4.30pm.

Managed to do 4 layouts, and my CJ entry - sorry no photos yet, will add later in week.

Onto this week, well today I'm going to Preston for a few days, has you know my brother died in April and I'm taking his ashes to Preston to bury with my mum. I know it has to be done, but I feel like I'm letting go again, after I do that, I will be staying with my friends and I know that they will cheer me up - well if they don't I'm sure the wine will - LOL.

Also, my Son is going to camp for 5 days, he's so excited, and I'm the one who nervous and feel sick- even though I'm trying not to let it show. He has never stayed away from home without either Jon or me being with him, so its a big thing, but has he starts secondary school in Sept, he will be getting more independent and doing more things that doesn't involve us, so will have to get used to it I suppose.

Then on 11th, will be travelling up to Warrington with Sheena, staying overnight, then having a fab time on 12th at the "Colour me Happy" Day Event, organised by Scrapagogo, where my friend Sam will be running a class, along with other members of the GoGo DT. Can you believe it, another GoGo event.

I was even looking at the prospect of going to Jersey in November, for another GoGo Day Event , esp. when I found out that the flights was only £20.oo return, but was told that the tax was about £60, so that but an end to that.

Well must go, thanks for stopping by ...


Jenny said...

Hope your trip goes ok, will think of you as I am in Preston :-) Wine though, lovely! x

Anonymous said...

good luck in Preston Jackie, will be thinking of you. XX