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Monday, 29 November 2010

Bad Day - Good Day ....

I know, I know it should be the other way round but I wanted to share my bad day news first. With a heavy heart I've had to cancel my subscription to Scrapagogo, now everyone who know me know how much I love these kits and the Staff and DT Team, but due to circumstances I've had to do it. I've put it off for months, but it come to an head over the weekend and the decision had to be made. If circumstances allow I will no doubt be getting one off kits, or even subscribe again. I would like to thank the girls of Scrapagogo for producing these kits and there amazing inspirations. I've got the last couple of kits un-opened, so I will still be using them for quite a while.

Now the Good Day News ....... Yah ..... I got an iPhone ...

I know alot of you out there has had then for ages, but due to my contract I've had to wait for about a year for it to finish so that I could get it ... and today was the day ... so now I'm slowing learning how to use it ... trying to find out what Apps I need etc.

If you have any Apps that you love, please leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks for stopping by ...


Lorraine said...

:( Jackie - however don't be a stranger, what with free challenges and free hybrids you can create without cost surrounded by us mad GoGo girls:lol:

As for apps - Harry loves Monkey Ball, Kirsty loves Smurfs and I love that these keep them occupied whilst at appointments:lol:

Enjoy your phone:D


WendyB said...

Hi Jackie, I've recently, reluctantly, cancelled my sub too :( as I've got a small mountain of unused boxes. So I know exactly how you feel x