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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Hobbycraft, Bonfire Night and more ...

Sorry blogland for my absent, but family life has been very stressful since I got back from my Retreat, so I've not got around to blogging my final layouts from my Retreat, which will be added next week, mainly due to the fact that I've not finished them - LOL.

So my day working with Craft-u-Love at the Hobbycraft show on Saturday 5th went really well, the time went really quickly and Geoff, Paula & Tracey were really lovely and made me feel very welcome, and I hope that I get the opportunity to work with them again next time.

But by the time I got home my legs where really arching but after a shower I felt abit better and I went over to Julie's to watch the fireworks. The first few went really well, then there was one that didn't go off correctly and hit the fence, before hitting Paul, Julie's Hubby on his back, he wasn't hurt but it burnt is jacket. Well, they carried on lighting the rest and a few of us stood in the alcove when it happened again, but this time it came toward the alcove and we were trapped, to say I was scarred is an understatement, it just bounced off the walk and in between our legs, after that we watched them from the sitting room. We did laugh about at the time but it could have been so much worse.

Anyway, here are a few of the photo I took of the fireworks.

After all the excitement of the mis-firing of the fireworks, the kids ended up with some sparklers, which they did various shapes with, heres Izzy with a smile.

A few of them trying to make '2010'

After finally for today, my photos taken by Kirsty Wiseman at the GoGo Retreat, yes I did get the jumper to blend with the autumn colours.

I'm away tomorrow for a crafting weekend with friends and lovely placed called 'Toad Hall' in Shropshire, so looking forward to meeting up with them because I not seen some for quite a while and it will be great to catch up and have a laugh.

Right, better go and pack, thanks for stopping by,


Sheena said...

lovin the autumn pics Jackie x
see you later x