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Monday, 8 August 2011

Be prepared !!!

I should really have taken more notice when I was a brownie - many moons ago - lol. The one day I left the house without my camera, is the one day I really needed it.

After going around the City getting James new school uniform - our last stop was to get some cricket tickets for Jon & James. so a quick stop off at Edgbaston Cricket Ground and low and behold the Indian & England cricket teams were training, not only did I not have my camera but I only had a scratty notebook and pen.

So we ended up buying a mini bat - noticed a few of the boys waiting had them - and I managed to get some snaps on my phone -

Not a good photo of one of Indian players.

Managed to get Alastair Cooke and Kevin Peterson autographs.

tell you what, they are really gorgeous in person, and if I wasn't busy I would defo be at the cricket ground with J&J eyeing these hunks up - l mean watching the match ;-)

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sue said...

That's the sort of thing that I would do Jackie its always when you really need it. As regards you going to watch the cricket, why do think I love watching the rugby so much (all those hunky men)
lol. x sue

Anonymous said...

wow they are dishy aren't they! lucky you! hope you on the mend we'd like to see you soon xxx

Leo said...

Oh really jealous!!!! You're so lucky, you should have defo grabbed Cook for a hug, I would have. I love your photo of Swanny he looks so grumpy it's hilarious! lol