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Thursday, 21 July 2011

First and Last Day of Year 8

I decided to take a last day photo of James, partially because it will be the last time he will be wearing this uniform, the school is changing uniform as from September, but I also wanted to see the difference a year made made to him.

So this was my little boy on 3 September 2010, looking forward to starting Year 8. Nice new hair cut, smart uniform, and eager to have his photo took.

And this is my teenager at 7am this morning, 21 July. Still smart uniform, hair grown, and planning what he wants to do this Summer, not too keen of have photos because 'it is 7am Mom' - lol

The changes over the past year are:

  • He's now taller than me, something that I won't admit to him but is quite obvious - lol
  • He has moved into Year 9 and started his GCSE.
  • He is more independent and confident.
  • He is now a teenager and at times acts like it.
  • He looks like a teenager and not a 'little boy' now.
But the best thing that hasn't changed, he is still our loving son that we are so proud of.

And a quick one of us.

And a quick one of me, 5 weeks after my Operation and feeling alot better.

Come back soon ...


Claire Crompton said...

You are looking really well Jackie. I hadn't thought of doing that with the first and last day of term, I think I might have to take some photo's in the morning!!

Take care.
C x

Sam Ball (aka sammyb) said...

You look fantastic xxx

Sheena said...

Looking good Jackie xxx