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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Document 2011 - Jan - March 2011

For some reason I've not been uploading my monthly document pages, so I've finally got around to taking photos and will upload in two parts.

Firstly, apologies for the glare from the camera on the page protectors, but I think you can still see what I've done.

So this year I decided to use my monthly kits from Studio Calico for that month, and also add any stamp which came with the kit on the pages.

So for continuity in my album I've used my KI Memories Calender pages, month stamp from Studio Calico, Jenni Bowlin mini Calendar sheets, envelope to hold bits and pieces , (NB - not got much for most of them)

The other things I've done this year is to use different sizes of photo/pages protectors for each month. I got a selection of American Craft and WRMK ones, and decided to use American Craft 6x4 landscape and 6x4 portrait, and 4x4 WRMK.

Behind the tag, I've added a few things I would like to complete by the end of the year.

January - Jon's birthday, seeing the Chatsworth deers, Bakewell,

meal out with Julie, visiting the City early morning, 12 hour crop at Skrapz.


February - trip to cinema with James, Valentine's Day muffins, new photos of James and me,

My Tim Holtz day, I need to download some more photos for February when I get round to it.


A great group shot of the GoGo Getaway at the end of March.

March - Details of my 1st Sarah's Card Retreat, and of course winning that lovely quilt.

My GoGo retreat, and my two fab 'GoGo'* friends - so looking forward to getting out and about and seeing them both again; photo by Kirsty Wiseman (sitting on steps, amongst the daffodils and Census envelope.

Will be uploading the 2nd part early next week.

* I re-read this and thought to myself "why do I call them my 'GoGo' friends", when truth be told I didn't meet either of them on a GoGo event, but has they are both 'GoGo' designers and think that why. I meet Sam at my first ever Retreat way back in 2008 run by Skrapz. Sam did introduced me to Scrapagogo kits and mentioned the GoGo retreats that we booked onto that year (she then became a designer shortly before we attended). I met Sheena at the Exhall Green crop where she heard me raving about Scrapagogo and going on the retreat which she had booked on and we got friendly from there.

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Sam Ball (aka sammyb) said...

You are a sweetie xxx And we're missing you too xxx