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Monday, 25 July 2011

City Life ...

Is for me, well it is this weekend - lol. There are times when I long to be back in Preston, just for the familiarity of the place, but then there are also time that I'm glad to be in a City for what goes on is truely amazing.

This Saturday they had Jamaica Live on at Victoria Square, and the three of us decided to go and see what it was all about. It was really busy and I found it hard to get around especially with standing, so I only took a few photos, and sadly none of us at the event.

There were load of places to get traditional West Indies food, which smelled lovely, but the queues were just rediculous long, we did walk around hoping the the queues would die down, but they didn't.

What about this hat - will definiately keep the sun out - lol

And do you remember the film 'Cool Runnings', well I think this is what the team trained with for the Olympics.

As it was so busy, I only took a few shot of that event, then we decided to walk towards the Museum - mainly because I needed to sit down and came across another event - don't know what this was all about, but it had a large crowd round, and there were loads of acrobatics.

Then there was some 'zombies' walking through the centre ... random I know ... but there must have been a reason - not sure what but the make-up was really realistic - well from what I could see - it looked really good.

I need to go back to the City and find out who this statue is of - lol, but I love how I managed to capture it complete with pigeon on shoulder - I was sat down as well just taking the sights in.

I love the architected around the City, will have to go back and just photograph buildings - lol

So this was the start of our Summer holiday, the 3 of us spending time together in the City taking in the sights and sounds.

We are planning to visit London next week, so that should provide me with even more photos and I hope I remember to take ones with us in - lol.

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