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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Holiday Snaps ... Deers, Emus and Alpacas

I start by saying Happy New Year ... hope you are all well and the festive season left you happy, relaxed and ready to tackle the year ahead.

I've been blog hopping but not uploaded anythings, so be prepared to have several postings this week - LOL. And apologies now, because this is a long one, mainly photos but alot of my rambling.

So over the holidays I visited my MIL in Derbyshire, a lovely place for walks and generally relaxing, but the major downside was NO, yes NO internet connection, and boy did I miss it. For some reason this year I just seemed to want to be at the end of a line finding out what the world was doing, but eh oh I survived - JUST - and made it back to normaility.

The beauty of the countryside did help and I was able to get some wintery shot and see some wildlife whilst I was there. Here are a few of the shots that I took.

For anyone visiting Derbyshire, a visit to Chatworth Estate is a must, I go around the gardens every year, and still love it, but this year is the first time I driven by in Winter, the house and gardens are closed over the winter months but you can walk around the surrounding grounds, well I was driving through, and saw these,

they are normally high up and you only see them as 'specks on the horizon' but they where much nearer to the road, sorry for the pictures are not being in full focus, I was driving on my own in the car, you can't stop the car and get out on the road, but I did, before I saw the notices that is - saying you could be charged £60 for stopping your car, and took the snaps from the drivers seat looking throught the passengers seat window, but I'm so glad with what I managed to get, the next time I visit I will definiately by going on foot and hope to get some better shots.

Whilst the boys went off walking I visited Buxton, and surprise, surprise I didn't even go to the sales, but visited the Pavilion Gardens, which is beside the Opera House.

A heron by the lake - just taking in the sights - amazing

As Buxton is the home of the mineral waters, I was greatly surprised to see several people, filling up bottles and even large plastic containers, so I went to investigate and its free 'Buxton' mineral water - the locals swear by it and come several times a week to fill up, another note to self - bring empty bottle next time to try - LOL.

Now I still don't know why these are at the bottom of the village, but they are amongst some sheep and have been there for a few years, whilst taking these shots I was standing by the gate, but the Emu were getting nearer and nearer to the gate, by the end I was practically in the middle of the road, I was convinced they were about to attack.

Then walking to the top of the village are these lovely Alpaca - cute or what (Thanks Laura for telling me what they are called)

We also celebrated James 13 with the family, which started with him opening his presents in bed, and tea with the family. As it was New Years Eve me and Jon did nip to the pub for a couple but we were back to see the New Year in.

Thanks for bearing with me, come back soon to see the layouts I did whilst away, and read some more of my rambling, my GoGo Yearbook Completed, my Document 2010.


Laura said...

Loving the Emu photos!

Though I think you found alpaca rather than llamas... check out this weird site... which, for some even weirder reason, I have bookmarked! lol!