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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

GoGo 2010 Yearbook - Part 2

The 2nd part of the Yearbook.

July : Harborne Carnival, Outdoor Theatre with MIL, James looking cool, Scrapagogo Day Event in Bolton with Julie.

August : A trip to Preston to see the girls, James and his cousin playing at Grandmas, a visit to Ironbridge with James, Billways Abbey, Holiday in Norfolk.

For this I added a minibook of a few photos from our week in Norfolk.

September : Getting published - yahhhhhh !!!!, James 1st day in 8yr, Girly holiday in Spain, Me and James spending his last day of his summer holidays just chilling.

October : The girls visit from Preston, another week in Sheringham, My 4th GoGo Retreat and meeting some on-line buddies, photo shoot by Kirsty Wiseman.

November : Working for Craft-u-Love at NEC Hobbycraft Show, Firework display at Julies, Shropshire Retreat with Sam and Sheena, Winter has arrived and My iphone.

December : snow fall, celebrating Christmas and mine and James Birthday, with James turning 13. I used one of the pockets that were in the kit to add extra photos.

This has been a fabulous way of using the bits and pieces in the kits, and well as adding the lovely hybrids that are available each month to suppliment your kit, other than on 'normal' layouts.

Thanks Nicola for your great inspiration and for sharing this brilliant idea with us all.

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