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Monday, 10 January 2011

GoGo 2010 YearBook - Part 1

In January 2010 Nicola from the DT Team of Scrapagogo came up with this great idea to help use your kit each month from what I can remember she has done a couple of them before but never shared them.

It's basically a way to document each month with that months kit, eg January kit for January months activities and so on. It's also a great way to use you kit each month as well.

So here is my year in view using the lovely kits from the past 12 months. Has there is 12 pages I will upload over two entries.

January : Icy lake, Jons birthday, James walk to school, playing in the snow

February : Did a collate of photos, Coventry GoGo Day Event, view in Derbyshire, trip to Wembley to watch Aston Villa play Manchester Utd in the Carling Cup, Me & James day trip to London

March : James gets his own door keys (such a big step on my part), March GoGo Retreat, James get a new bike.

April : Family holiday to Sheringham, heron and baby chicks at the lake, me & James at Botanical Gardens

May : Jons needs stitches in his knee after falling from his bike, trips to the Lickey's and a day pass to attend Cheryl Johnson Photography course.

June : Another new hair style, Jon & James looking really cool in the shades, visit to International Food Fayre, Exhall Workshop

Come back tomorrow for Part 2

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Lorraine said...

The pages all look fab together Jackie!

So now we start A Month In Review:D