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Saturday, 7 January 2012

A New Look - Phase 1

So I've started on my de-cluttering/re-organisation of my space, and boy do I feel a lot better for it.

So over Christmas me and hubby discussed how I could change the room for the better, I did try and persuade him that converting the garage would be the best, but that fell on deaf ears - lol, and really the room is adequate for my needs and having even more room would just allow me to fill it even more. Anyway after checking out Pinterest (I love this site) I decided that the layout of my room was not as effective as it could be so I figures out that changing my desk and moving my Expedit units would be a start. So a quick trip to Ikea at the beginning of the week and I was set to start Phase 1 of my room.

It looked like this, at this stage I had taken all things off my desk and removed my chair (forgot to take photo) and there were sets of drawers in front of the Unit.

I must admit I liked the fact that I could sit on my chair, and everything was in a 180 degree angle that I would be using, so even though other people said 'I could never work in this' I was happy with my lot, and know where things where, but I was aware that it was getting too much and I really didn't need to be cramped in a room like this. I had about a 12 inch walkway from door to desk, and every possible space was packed with 'stuff' I won't call it stash because a lot of it has been in the room for ages and won't be appearing on my pages in the future, but you know how it is, 'it might come in one day' well no more. I so getting rid of it all.

Drawers and albums, boxes of pre-made cards under the desk.

So on Friday I set about moving all my stash into my son's bedroom and even some into our room - Even I was shocked on how much stash I had crammed into the space - definitely no photo evidence of this. When my hubby saw it all, he was very silent which is never a good sign - lol.

Anyway, after emptying the room, I was feeling alot better about how my room would look. We did have a problem getting the table down, hubby is normally very good about keeping 'Allen keys' that we get with Ikea storage, but the Allen keys we had where too small for the screws. But we did manage it, or should I say hubby did.

Then we moved the unit into the corner and assembled the new desk. We couldn't afford to get rid of the Expedit units we had, and to be frank they served my purpose, I no doubt will be re-thinking this again in the future, but for now I'm OK with these.

Photo taken with in iPhone - but was already liking how it looked.

So this is how it looks now, its by no means de-cluttered, I need to empty my units and the drawers that where in my room and re-oganisation them, and by empty I mean get rid - yes this time its all going. I am hoping that I can keep me room like this, and as my hubby said 'its all my mess' so really I've no excuse. I can't believe that we managed to sort the majority of it in a day, now it left up to me to really de-clutter and get rid. My main aim is to have the unit tidy, nothing on the floor and hopefully keep my desk clear - which has I type is not like the photo at all - got boxes with stash that needs to be photoed, and uploaded onto Ebay and my desk has small jars with ribbon and buttons that are going as well.

My stash will be going onto Ebay over the next few days/weeks : sizzix alphabet dies, punches; stickers; brads; buttons; rub-on; 12x12 paper - many in collections; Embellishments - ribbons, buttons, alpha sticker sheets, magnolia and clear stamps - sorry no Studio Calico ones; albums - various sizes (No D-ring ones). This is just some of the things that I can see I look around that will be going, but I know that there will be lots more. If anyone is looking for somethings, please get in touch who knows, I might just have that thing you need. I will only be posting to address in the UK. As and when I put things onto Ebay I will add a link from here.

Just added these - check out others via right side of the Ebay page.

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Bernice said...

Looking good. You might find this of interest http://balzerdesigns.typepad.com/balzer_designs/2012/01/organization-week-throw-it-away.html

Sarah said...

It's looking great, I love that desk!! x

Claire Crompton said...

Happy New Year Jackie.

I love your new look to your craft room, I'm very jealous!!!