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Sunday, 27 March 2011

GoGo Getaway - Part 1

I have just spent a FANTASTIC weekend at the GoGo Getaway, so I'll start with my first day - I arrived mid afternoon on Friday, and had a quick walk around the hotel ground until the rest of the gang turned up.

So here are a few snaps

my room, very comfy but every so hot ... why are hotel rooms so hot ??? I even slept with the window open - and it didn't seem to make any difference.

the tree house.

view of the manor house from the tree house.

the daffodil where out in full bloom, and the whole area just looked like a carpet of daffodils. I had some photos taken by Kirsty Wiseman sitting amongst these daffodils which I'll upload when I get them.

Then it was time to register and because I'd booked this retreat at last years retreat, I got this ... a great reminder from another great weekend.

Then at each of our places, we had a nice basket with mojo sweets.

The welcome from Janice & Lorraine and the GoGo DT Girls.

I will be back with more photos of the weekend, and my classes towards the end of the week.

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Rachael Elliott said...

Looks fab Jackie, bet you are exhausted now! Looking forward to seeing your layouts.

Bernice said...

Looks like you had a good time. We always turn off the central heating in hotel rooms and take the duvet out of the duvet cover!

Anonymous said...

was good to see you jackie :)