What a Scrappy Life


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Is this the life or what???

Well after having a awful day yesterday with a sore leg, so sore that I was even going to call my friends hubby, to come and sort it out, hes a physio-therapist (I think) or something.

The pain was so intense that I spent the previous night trying to get some sleep propt up on the settee with a hot water bottle and cushions supporting my leg. Then in the morning I decided to taken some strong pain killers, big, big mistake I was fine for about 1 hours, the pain had subsided and I was able to walk around and even hang up the washing, then all of a sudden I felt I was going to faint and became very sick, so spent the rest of the day lying down on the settee with a cold flannel on my head, dozing.

So I was surprise that I was able to go to Julie for our regular "Wednesday" meet.

So started the day with a slight twing in my leg, but decided to go anyway. So after showing her my CD about the GoGo Retreat and a bit of surfing the net, I manged 1 card. Then spent the afternoon in here.

It wasn't planned, but has the weather forecast said it was going to be hot, I took my costume and towel and ask, well ok Julie, said that I'll go in hot tub before lunch, has it would help my pain in my leg - LOL.

Even since she had it installed last year, I've been saying that I wanted to go in, and boy is it worth it, its marvellous and so relaxing. I did spend about 1 hour in it, moving around the different jets, and just enjoying it.

Then after about 45 minutes was joined by Bev, Julie was on standby to take the photos and she carried on making her cards, she ended up doing 9 whilst I was in there and 30+ bows for one of her daughters dancing shows.

Whilst I was in their on my own, I look up and the sky was blue, the birds were singing and all was right with the world - LOL. No honestly, it was just what I needed.

Then it was followed by lunch provided by Julie, she is such a friend, I could just have gone to sleep after it, and the amazing thing is at this moment, I don't have any pain in my leg, so it was worth it.

And for the people who read this and know how me and Julie "stash" shop - I want one, because Julie has one ... ROFL.

This is one thing I would definately get as a "luxury" item it I had any money spare.

Also came home to a parcel from Papermaze with the new October Afternoon "Road Map" papers, 2 punches and some Glimmer Mist, so I feel some scrapping time being planned.

Anyway must go better go and do some tea, thanks for stopping by ...


Jane said...

What a life! I spent yesterday in the pool so I know exactly where you're coming from. Hope your leg gets better soon