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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Try to keep on track

This weekend I've been on my own, Hubby and Son went to MIL on Friday after school and came back today around 6pm today (Sunday). I was able to get myself and the house sorted for Christmas and fell alot more relaxed than I have been over the past weeks.

I sent them off with all the presents for the family, even though we will be seeing them on Christmas Day, I found over the year its a lot easily to send the presents up before hand, then we don't forget anything, but most of all, I don't get squashed in the back of the car, surrounded by gifts. My Son gets car sick, so he has to ride in the front.

Went on to the High Street on Saturday am, was expected it to be crowded, but it was quite - did a few last minutes things, got Hubby an extra gift. Then when I got home finished off wrapping, and generally tiding up the house.

Being by myself this weekend was able to finish some of my LOs today, with the hope of catching up with my Journal - managed to do 5. Hoping to get upto date before Thursday, but I won't hold my breath. Again I've used mainly Scrapagogo December 2008 kit with a few extra embelishments - it's so much easier doing 8x8 LO than the ones I was trying to to before.

I'm going to put a photograph of my new Panasonic DMC FZ28 here - it was my Birthday/Christmas present this year from my Hubby. I did get in in October - so it feel like I've had it ages - but I love it.

My contribution to the family Christmas feast - each year I make a cake and decorate it, this year due to lack of time, had to get "shop brought" one and still need to find one that says Merry Christmas but even if I don't get on the cake will nice as nice as ever - fruity, moist and laced with Jamaican White Rum - Yummy!!!

A letter to Santa - decided to incorporate a Christmas card/thank you card to Santa - the journally inside the cards say thank you for my new camera and apologies for not writing to him over the past years.

Shimelle's prompt say to use something with Santa on, so stamps the "Santa postmark" on the flap of the enevelope - the stamp comes from Stamps Away.

This is the "surprise" prompt - even thought I've done the pages still not sure what I'm going to put on it.

I think this is the 1st time I've completed a LO on the same day that I've had a prompt - I took photos on some of the decoration in my sitting room, just to remind me that the "main" day is coming and to enjoy.

A big thank you to ~Rachel.B~ on UKS for telling me how to upload my photos.


Ann and Caroline said...

I can't believe you have done so much Jackie and it all looks wonderful. Well done you!!