What a Scrappy Life


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

JYC - Prompt 3 - Cards

Well today prompt arrived about "Cards" !!!

  • Do we hand made them or buy them?
  • When do we send them?
  • Do we write long messages in them or just a simple note?
  • How man card will I send?
  • What system do we use for our addresses?

Well I do make all my Christmas card, I started off crafting as a card maker and only moved over the scrapbooking about the beginning of January 2008.

This year me a two friends started our card making in October, we generally meet up on a Wednesday and do some crafting. This years cards I've done several designs, from Father Christmases, Christmas Trees, Robins, Fairies, Snowman. I think at the moment I've made about 50 cards with a few spare "just in case". But thinking about Christmas Cards I think next year will stick to one design to make - it will be away easier.

I try and send my cards out about the middle of December, all 2nd class with a "love from Jackie and family" inside.

My JYC album has different size inserts so will have to think about how I'm going to incorporate any cards into my album for today.

Still not managed to upload photos but will keep trying.