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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Project Life - January 2013

Can you believe that I've not blogged any of my Project Life album this year.  Well over the next couple of post I've rectified that and I hope you like what you see, if you don't then "ah! oh" if you do then 'thank you'.

My Project Life (PL) albums are not the regular PL journals, but my version of PL, I do use the divided page protectors, I subscribed to the Studio Calico (SC) PPL kit, and I got a designated box that holds all the PL items in.  But I don't do my pages on a weekly basis, saying that I do try and keep the entries in the correct date order, but if I need to add a photo in a middle of the week, I just do it and not too bothered about it not being the correct date.  I also don't just do a side a week, if I have more going on in a particular week, I just add more page protectors - in a different format, my way of thinking if I don't get around to scrapbooking these events then at least they are in my PL albums.

Over the months, I read various blogs and threads and people have different views on how to put a PL album together, some people are very strong minded about following Becky Higgins way to the letter and can't see that a PL album can be done another way.  Others are doing a smaller version for example using a 8x6 album - so I say just do what you feel comfortable with.

Putting the past 3 months together I've realised that I need to re-think how much time I've devoting to my PL pages, I've noticed that it is taking over and my regular scrapbooking in going my the wayside so that I can finish my PL pages.  So I've come up with a plan - only work on it  for 2 hours per week, thats planning, printing, sorting, assembling the inserts - everything.  I will let you know how I get on next month.

Apologies for the shadow, quality and reflection on the photos.

Me & James meeting friends for Lunch, Lunch again a Ed's Diner in Birmingham and Jon's birthday.

Cinema trips, Parents night, and the arrive a 'Happy Mail' from SC

OMG - the weekend it snowed and snowed, got some great photos, but it stopped us going down to London for a family party which was the most annoying.

Took the kids sledging

and of course, I had a go

Meet Sheena for Lunch, tried to help James with his Math homework - ahhh !!!, helped clear the street of snow so that the workers could get out, catch-up with friends over a meal.

So that was a snapshot into my January.

Thanks for reading and pop back in a few days to see my February pages.


classof1homeworkhelp said...

That is a really awesome work by you with the albums. You've inspired me to make my own too. So next homework would be to make my very own Project Life album :)

Tamika said...

I like the way it looks! I am making up my format as I go too!Forgot to photograph mine!?