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Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Trip down South - Part 2- Harry Potter Studio Tour

So to follow on from my previous post, our main reason for going to London was to do the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and boy was it great.

I am not a big fan of the film but have watched a couple of them but James hadn't seen any, he know the general story and a few of the characters so I hope he would enjoy it and take in the whole experience, and to say he loved it, is an understatement - it really helped him having the audio pack, as we all did, and he went round each area listening and looking around, it was a complete joy to see him taking it all in, on several occasional he even told me to move over and listen to what he was listening to - lol x

So here are a few photos of our day.

Arrived at the Studio


The great hall

The Griffin Stairwell

Chamber of Secret Door

Hadrig motorbike

Professor Umbridge's Outfits

Diagon Alley


 Not sure what this was called, but looked very scary.

The Gringotts Goblin Masks

4 Privot Drive

James on the bridge

James gave the Harry Potter Studio Tour a big thumbs up (as you can see) and he want to go again, which is a bonus.  We are planning to return to London soon and hopefully back to the tour not before too long.

A final photo of our tried feet, as we headed home.

I would definitely recommend a visit to this tour even if you are not a fan, there is loads to see and find out about and its a great day out.