What a Scrappy Life


Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Trip down South - Part 1

So after being back home for 2 days me and James where off again for a 2 day visit down south.  I had booked the trip with Julie and her girls, spending a few hours in London then an overnight stay, and the following day visit the Harry Potter Tour.

So we started off at Kings Cross, and had photos taken at Platform 9 3/4

Then we went on to Carnaby Street,

and found Choccowoocdodah, a very small shop 

but they had some amazing cakes on display.

Then a super quick visit to Big Ben just enough time to take a few photos, 

Then onto Covent Gardens

Whilst we were watching a street artist I noticed we were standing on James Street.

Then we headed back to our hotel to get a few hours sleep before our day at Harry Potter Studio Tour 

I would have loved to have done more sightseeing, but we were limited in time so me and James are planning to return to do more.