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Friday, 12 April 2013

A cold but relaxing week in Norfolk

I've had a busy few weeks, the first started off with a family week in Norfolk.  Even though it was very cold and on a few days blowing a gale we had a lovely time.  It didn't rain so we were able to get out for walks every day and I managed to spend time with the family without rushing around.

Here are a few photos taken over the week.

So we arrived to blue skies and a cold wind, but we had a lovely walk along the prom.

I attended Church on Easter Sunday.

We walked up one hill to see the cross 

Then J&J went on a walk towards Cromer.

Of course, I just had to see the steam train again

Had a trip to Cromer.

The one of the day I walk to the top of the hill and was in time to see the steam train on its journey.

On the Saturday before we drove back home, we decided to stay a little longer in the day an walk to Cromer, this was the best day of the week and it would have been ashamed to just pack up and go.

Just has we were setting off, we watched some hand-gliders over head.

Cromer pier in the distance.

We all had a great time and I just love this part of the country, looking forward to returning later in the year.


Sheena said...

Looks like a wonderful place for a weeks holiday x
Great photos jackie:)