What a Scrappy Life


Sunday, 20 January 2013

The snow finally arrived

So it finally arrived, and has usual it was lovely for the first day then I wanted it all gone, but for the first day I did manage to get out and take some photos.  Some of the photos were taken with my iPhone, so not 100% but I wanted to capture the moment/event rather than get the perfect photo.

This was the view at about 7.30 on Friday morning from my front door, just a light dusting.

I was able to write the date in the snow

Take a pic of my owl

Then about 1 hour later it began to snow very heavily, and has a true scrapper, I needed some photos in the snow.  All the schools around and about were open, so no kids around.

Kids playground

By the time I'd got down to the park it was blizzard like conditions, so some of the photos are very hazy

So I made my way back home, this is my street 

I went into my garden to measure the snow fall - 3inches and still falling.

Then the schools decided to close, mid morning - so after lunch we had the customary snowball fight and sledging down the neighbours drive.

By 2pm this was the view out the front 

And the snow now measured 5inches.

Then on Saturday, we decided to have a walk around The Botanical Gardens, we managed to get the car out with the help of some neighbours and surprisingly the main road were really clear.

Botanical Gardens

I hope you have all enjoyed the snow over the past few days and taken load of photos.

Bye for now.


Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh isnt it all just so lovely! but yes I dont want it hanging around either! Like the idea of writing the date in the snow - havent done that - off to find boots and camera!

Kim said...

Your pictures are lovely, i especially like the botanical gardens. everything looks so pretty in the snow, shame its so cold!