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Thursday, 28 June 2012

British weather

Just a quick post. Weather report this morning said 'light shower' to clear the air. Well it did clear the air but I didn't see any light showers, only thunder, lightening and very heavy rain.

I was struck at Sainsbury's - I'd even managed to get a good car parking spot close to the store - had to wait at least 20 mins before I could attempt the short walk

Obviously, I was dressed for the weather - lol

heading home - came across this

No I didn't attempt to go through, decided to turn around and go on the main road -

This is the main road leading into the city - the northbound carriageway (towards the city) totally flooded with a bus struck in the middle - full of passengers - OMG - I would be freaking out if I was on that.

This is the road I need to take to pick my son up later :-(

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Sunshine Girl said...

I drove through the flood on Widney Lane - thought it was all rather exciting!