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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cameo Love - keeping it together

Have I mentioned I love my cameo, well if you didn't know I do - big time.

But like most things I need to be able to use the cuts as I need to, so I came up with this idea.

Get a Paperchase Photo Album

and instead of cutting files out for each layout, I cut batches out every so often and keep them in this, then I can flip though the album and use what I want. I've also cut them out in cardstock so that they are more generic to use for my project life pages and my scrapbook pages.

So now I've got a mini folder that I can take to crops and have the folder on my desk ready to use.

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Don't know how to answer question on my comment post so posted here:

Candance - its an electronic die-cutter that is linked to my computer, it doesn't use cartridges, but downloadable files from the cameo store. Really easy to use and I've used it more than I ever did with my Cricut. I just purchase files/shapes that I know I will use and I don't have to have the whole cartridge (cricut) to only use a few of the shapes.


Claire Crompton said...

I'm jealous Jackie would love one but don't think I can run it. I will just have to drool over your layouts instead! Lol


Candace said...

I have looked at these for ages but was unsure if I would get enough use to justify the price.

Do you have to buy the cartridges or does it come with a basic selection?

Jane said...

Oh Jackie I am seriously envious love your folder ideas and your die cuts are way cool......

Anonymous said...

Very clever, love it. I am ashamed to say my die cuts are bunged in a drawer! Thanks for sharing.

Sherry Eckblad said...

What a wonderful idea. I am a fairly new Cameo owner and have only used it a couple times. My biggest question is if you precut how do you know what size to cut your sizes. Do you go with the size it comes when you buy it or do you enlarge or shrink it?

Jackie xxx said...

Sherry - I do a mixture - some are as they appear on the file, some smaller, some larger. I just pick a shape and make it fit my page. If you cut a shape at different sizes it will work for what you want to do.

Cathy said...

great idea, and I too use my Cameo more than I did the cricut. I'd even say I used my cricut less than 15 times.