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Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Olympic Torch Came to Birmingham

I set off to see it, not sure if I would, but I knew if I didn't try I would be mad with myself. So off I went on the bus and met a friend who was with her friend who were going, so I joined them and what a laugh we had, the atmosphere was just amazing I really didn't expect it.

So we made our way to the circket ground, because this was where Sir Cliff Richards was going to get the torch and take it into the concert in the park, well that was what we were told.

So has the crowds gathered,

we were entertained by this lady, what a character and it help pass the time.

we were then told that Sir Cliff was not coming to the gates where we were standing, but stopping before it and passing the torch to a girl - so I left my good spot and went future down, I really wanted to make the best of this opportunity to get some decent photos and I'm so glad I did.

This was the girl who did the final leg, she was very emotional, but she posed for the camera and was beaming from ear to ear the all time. How proud her parent must have been. I wish I got to this point earlier because I would have loved to have had my photo taken with the torch.

When these passed by we knew the torch would be here

Then it arrived with Sir Cliff, hope this doesn't sound bad, but he looks really well for his age and he was definiately a crowd pleaser. He stood and posed for photos, I had a police woman standing in front of me so I was really pleased that I was able to get these.

The 'kissing of the torches" transferring the flame between the torches

And these are the friends I was with,

we had been given tickets to get into the concert, by the time the barriers had lifted, and we had walked to the entrance, the concert was down to the last act, so we ended up have a drink them going back into the park to listen to the last few songs by The Wanted. Got a few photos but we were at the back so not very good. But it was good just being there.

I so glad that I made the effort, I might not be able to see any of the Olympics games other than on the TV but at least I saw this.


Sunshine Girl said...

Looks like a fab day - the torch came through Solihull at 8am this morning and we got to see it twice as it did a loop - great atmosphere here too!

Olivia said...

Great photos Jackie! Looks like you all enjoyed your day xx

Deb Hickman said...

What a great experience, you got some fab shots espesially of Sir Cliff. Deb xx

Jak said...

Wow! fab photos x

Sheena said...

Love your photos of the flames travels in Birmingham x
Your right Cliff looks great :D