What a Scrappy Life


Monday, 7 December 2009

Major Catch up ... I'm a Winner

I'm back, well I never really went away, just been extra busy.

Well I'll start with my 1st trip down to Wvyerstone - which is the base or the Scrapagogo crop, I went with Sheena and we had a wonderful day, but shock, horror - I forgot to take my Camera :( - so no pictures - I was so busy checking and rechecking the route and yes a bit panicky about the long drive down, I forgot to take my camera - but I did pack a big torch, my thick coat, a blanket my walking boots just in case - LOL.

Anyway it was a great day and we had a wonderful meal at the 3 horseshoes pub, which was very oldy worldy and the food was just brill.

We had booked to stay over a a Premier Inn so off we went and "Mrs SatNav" gaves us a guided tour of the local villages - not a good idea to do in the dark and when its raining anyway ended up stopping a taxi driver and asked for directions and 10 minutes later we arrived, just in time to watch I'm a Celebrity ... LOL. On the way back we where planning are route down for next year, keeping out eyes open hotels along the way and my task for the new year is to find any craft shops that open on a Sunday between Wyverstone and Coventry so that we can break the journey - well that will be our excuse.

Then the 29th was the Exhall Green Christmas Crop which we arrived back in Coventry for about 10ish, which was good going considering we stopped for a break and fill up with some petrol. As this was the Christmas Crop and the crops 1st years birthday Tracie & Claire had provided lunch, image how surprize when we had a full Christmas Dinner - which went down really well, and what with Cleo Jarvis bringing her shop - Bellaboo - and doing 3 great projects, it just rounded the weekend off, but I must admit my 4ish I was beginning to flag so we set off earlier.

So on the crafty front - I did a few cards at Julies last week, but wasn't really into it - forgot most of my things so had to finish off at home.

Using papers and cards from my Scrapagogo Greetings kits and Tilda stamps

Some simple boy cards - Elzebell boy stamp.

Saturday 5th - was The Bromsgrove Christmas Crop run by Liberty, Debs and Rachel. Liberty had also organised Cleo/Bellaboo to come over with her shop. Again another great day, but my day was spolit by my consent sneezing, the crop started a 11ish and I think I finally stopped sneezing about 4pm, it left me completely drained and at about 2pm I was even thinking of going home - but I struck it out. I started the day by taking Cold & Flu tablets, then I took a hayfever one, then I took some hayfever nasal spray but nothing worked, by the time I got home I felt awful and ended up in bed even before my son.

Anyway, the girls had organised a great day, Deb/Rachel had set some challenges, Liberty had provided a great buffet lunch and she had even organised Santa to make a special visit (her brother really - and he did a great job)

Santa & Deb - sorry not a good photo.

I'm a winner - yes little old me, won a challenge, I don't always entry challenges/competitions, because I never win and get so dissapointed when I put a lot of effort in and I feel that the same people always win, so image my surprise when I got home and opened an envelope with these in - I won the November Use it Up Challenge over on Scrapagogo Clubhouse. I hadn't even checked the Clubhouse site before then to see who had won. So I take back what I say about the same people always winning, and will be entering more often - LOL

Prize from Scrapagogo

Winning Layout - using November 2008 kit - Did you notice that I've spelt Swing wrong - anyway the orginial has been rectified now - LOL
Right will be back later with the layouts from Cleo class- when I get around to taking pics - LOL