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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Birthday Meal, German Market, Winter Walk

Trying to catch up with my comings and goings over the past few weeks ...

So on the 11th December, me and my 'Huttie' girls went out for my Birthday meal at our local Chinese, and these are a few of the photos from that night.

me and Sarah
Sarah & Wendy

Then to my surprise the waiters started to sing "Happy Birthday to you" I started to look around the restaurant to see whos birthday it was, and they were heading in our directions and Wendy had made me a birthday cake and they had also got me some flowers.

I love these girls, and I feel blessed that I can count them as my friends.

Then the German Market was in town, so just a few snaps of the stalls.

On 20th we went for a walk along the Birmingham Canal and its the first time that I've ever seen a canal frozen, it was just amazing

Only managed to get a few photos, because I had to keep up with J&J who walk really quickly ... and kept moaning that I was flagging behind.

So that all for now. It's my Birthday tomorrow (24th) and there are loads of prezzies under the tree, and to my amazement I've not even been having a feel to try and figure out what in them. So I'll sign off for now and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Jackie I hope you have had a fantastic birthday and have a wonderful Christmas!!