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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Where Does the time go ...

Exactly, where does all the time go, one minutes its September and I'm panicking about my Son starting Secondary school, the next minute its Christmas and I feel like I've slept through the past few months - LOL.

Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas has started, and I've only managed to do 3 pages so far. Cheryl Johnson 12 days of Christmas has started and finished and I've dabbled with my camera each day but not managed to get anything uploaded to the website yet, but have a couple of weeks to do that.

But on the plus side I've done all my Christmas shopping now, its wrapped and waiting to be delivered on Christmas Day, fortunately I've only got a small family to buy for, so all is done and dushed. I was really amazed when talking to Julie has to how many presents she buys - I swear I would knock that on the head ... but that just me - LOL

Right have finally attended my last crop of the year over at Solihull, where we had a Christmas buffet and I did some birthday cards and of course had a laugh ... but no scrapping. Needed to do some cards has I've a few birthdays this coming 2 weeks.

So last Wednesday (9th) me and Julie went over to Touchwood Shopping Centre in Solihull, to do some shopping and see what loveliness they have at their Paperchase store. And for the 1st time I got a "Red Cup". Over the past few years I could never got my head round the fascination of the "Red Cup" from Starbucks, after all its just coffee wasn't?

Well after checking out the UKS GoGo thread and AllyCat mentioning getting a red cup ornament, I mentioned to Julie about the ornament and has we where going to stop for a coffee anyway we decided on Starbucks and get a 'Red Cup". We just had a normal Latte each and then we saw the ornaments and Julie was very kind and got me one as part of the Christmas present. Well the ornaments were wrapped up in lovely tissue and came in a nice Christmas bag, which will definiately end up on a layout in the future.

Julie has already cut her bag up and made a layout ... she added to her JYC album as a extra page, so I will have to do the same. So here is my photo of my 1st ever photo of a "Red Cup"

Not great photos has I didn't take my camera and these were done on my mobile and bluetoothed to my Mac - I love this Mac, one of my best purchases so far, I'm even thinking of change the house PC next year to a Mac.

Anyway since then I've had 2 more and I tried the Toffee Nut Latte and boy I'm hooked and if the shop was nearer I would be going in everyday just for a Latte in a Red Cup - I so easily hooked - LOL

On Monday (14th) me and Julie were ment to be meeting our friend Bev, for lunch, but she had to re-schedule so we ended up shopping and then Julie had a surprise for me and took me to the Cinema. It was so funny because:
  1. She wouldn't tell me where we were going.
  2. Has I only drive to the places I know, I was completely lost and couldn't tell you where she was driving us too, but we ended up in Dudley.
  3. When we entered the Cinemas she parked at the back of the building and then went on her own to get the tickets, and nowhere in the foyer was anything to tell me what was showing that day.
  4. And she refused to tell me - LOL
  5. Only found what was showing when the title appeared on screen - and what make me laugh that I'd never even heard of it.
  6. Julie did remark she hoped I like it, and I think she enjoyed, me not knowing what was going on.
  7. She even provided me was a tissue, OMG, what was I going to be watching that I needed a tissue for,
Well it was this

Which was filmed in Coventry and was very funny and at the end very touching, so yes I loved it, and the tissue came in handy - LOL

This was followed by lunch at ... McDonalds.

I had a great day and its somethings that I will try and do next year, and its something that I wouldn't have thought about going to the cinemas through the day. What a great surprise and very much appreciated. Thanks Julie xxx

Will be back soon up update my Birthday meal photos.

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julie said...

arkstYou're very welcome Jackie. You're infectious laugh made the film more enjoyable, Julie x