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Sunday, 3 January 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Let the New Year Begin ...

Hi all, well I'm back and hoping that this year brings me some good fortune.

As for Christmas, it was a bit different this year, my Nana was taken into hospital on 19th after having a fall, so things didn't look too good for us all, and we were on standby to make a quick rush up to Derbyshire, but we managed to stay until Christmas Day and went up as planned. So my Birthday, our Christmas was all done on Christmas Eve afternoon, because we felt that we had to be in Derbyshire 1st thing, we eventually got their about 10.30am, were in the past we had got their about 1.30pm, anyway the day was very subdued and me and DH went to visit Nana in the afternoon, James couldn't go because they don't allow children on the ward, the 1 hour journey to the hospital was done is silence, both os us not knowing what to expect, but she was sitting in a chair, and even thought she looked very weak she talked and we had a bit of a laugh - which was just great.

Jon sees his Nana every 2 weeks and is really closed to her, so I was dreading how he was going to react - but he was OK.

So the holiday was spent going to the hospital and taking it in turns to look after James, he wants so much to see his Nana so much and can't wait for her to come home, but has I write this she still in the hospital and they are still doing a series of test on her, trying to stay positive about it all, but she is 92 and lives on her own and the more time she spends in hospital the harder it will be for her to go back home - but we will wait and see.

Right back to it ... I did managed to complete a small mini book while away, with photos of James throughout last year, got a few embellishments to add now that I'm home and will upload hopefully later this year. I actually used photos that I had printed off but not used and were just in my folder waiting to do something with, and also used some papers that I got way back when, I think in April at Ally Pally - Fancy Pants - Rough & Tough, so making use of the stash as well as odd photos.

Over on UKS - Bernice has set up a chat thread about choosing a word for the year, via Ali Edwards, so I'm pondering on Organisation or De-Clutter - both within my personal life and my crafting life. I do believe that the two go hand in hand and both I need to embrace whole heartedly. So by the end of week I will have a list of what I want to achieve in this year both personally and crafty and will let you all know. Apparently if you write it down you have a better chance of achieving it.

So I'll be back a few days with my list of goals and hopefully have some ideas on how I'm going to achieve them.

Thanks for stopping by ....