What a Scrappy Life


Thursday, 20 August 2009

Layout Updated

These are just a few of the layouts I did over the last few weeks.

Road Kill - October Afternoon - Road Map - I know it's a odd title, but I think it appropriate. My MIL pick up her new car the week before this photo was taken in April, and on the drive to Norfolk, in her words "she felt a bump", and when we stopped for a picnic this is what she found

Lost Keys - October Afternoon - Road Map - James aged about 2, the photos looks likes hes looking for his keys, before he set off.

New Specs - Scrapagogo July 09 kit.

I recently found some old photos, pre-digital of a trip to the Zoo that me and DH did before we was married, so the photos are not the best of quality, with no close-ups, and none with me and DH on, but I wanted to documented them.

In one of my moments, I got a ton of American Craft mini albums from QVC, I think there was about 18 in the box, did manage to sell some but still got aload left, not too keen on the cover so decided to over it up.



Inside the album

And finally for now, I wanted to do something different, and when I got some plain beermats at one of my recent crops, and produced this little mini album, of our trip to Weston-Super-Mare.

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