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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Canal Walk & Weston

On Sunday, we had a lovely day out in Birmingham, and we ended up walking by the canal. It always amazes me when we go for a walk here, because some of the areas are just lovely and you could be in the countryside, instead of being in the middle of a city.

Then on Wednesday, I made my first trip on my own to the nearest seaside from Birmingham, so me and James packed the car and off we went to Weston Super Mare, it tooks us 2 hours. I've was brought up in Preston, were Blackpool is only 20mins away, and where we would go on a regular basic, I've been know to pop over to Blackpool just to walk on the sea front for the afternoon, or even St Annes, so going to the seaside from Birmingham was a big thing for me. Don't get me wrong I've go twice or sometimes 3 times year to Norfolk, but that a family thing.

Originally, I was going with a friend, one of the mums from school and her kids, we set a date and other mums decided that they wanted to come, so in the end there should have been 6 families going. Then it was a case of who was driving, as two of the families didn't drive, and who was picking up who. By Monday night, the families with no cars hadn't got back to me, one family wasn't coming because she was having car problems, and the person I had arranged to go with, wanted to change the date from Tuesday to Wednesday, which we did. Then by Tuesday night, she was not answering the phone, either text of land-line, I was so mad, so it left just one other family going. I will not be making plans to go anywhere with her again, and people wonder why I do alot of things on my own.

So off we went and we had a great day, the weather was pants, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

Must go now, my August ScrapaGoGo kit has arrived need to have a play.

Thanks for dropping by.


Tinkersdamn said...

Oh that's LOVELY! I've never been up that way.