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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Re-Cap Part 2

As promised my next two months condensed.

September 2015

A theatre visit with Julie and Barbara, and it was fab.

James returned back to college and this time he was walking with two of the triplets, back together again.

Me and Sheena went back to Bristol to for the Great Shaun Round Up - its took be an age to get the tickets, but I was determined this time to get some after the disappointment of the time.

and we met the girls and had aother great day.

Then I did something that I not done before, I went to the theatre on my own, OMG!  even at 50 it was scary, but I did it and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, and its definitely something I will do again.

When I moved down to Birmingham I was on my own apart from Jon and James, I'd left all my friends back in Preston and I knew that if I wanted to go anywhere I had to go on my own, unless Jon could come with me.  So early on in my Birmingham life I would just get up and go places and do things that interested me and even though it was scary, I did it and enjoyed doing it.  But over the years I've got out of the habit of doing things that I want to do, and if I didn't have anyone to go with, I wouldn't go and then realised that I was missing out on life as I was sitting at home wishing I was going here, there or anywhere and others were doing just that with their family and friends, so I took the bull by the horns and booked my ticket and went.   And I really enjoyed the experience, don't get me wrong, it great to go with others, but doing this on my own proved to myself that I can do it,  and I will do it again, if the situation arises.

Then it was time for a weekend of crafting ! I really don't know how Julie manages to get all our crafting goodies in her car, but she does and yes, each time I say its not going to fit and I will leave something behind, but it does and away we go for a fab weekend in the country.

Here we all our trying to get a photo using Sheenas selfie stick.

My Hey Little Magpie September 2015 blogpost - using Jillibean Soup Collection - full blogpost here 

October 2015

Celebrated one of James friends 18th - love that he's still in touch with some of his friends from Junior school.

Spent the day with Julie and Barbara at the New Grand Central Station & Shopping Complex - its has made such a big difference to the station and this area.

Went to my friends Wedding

Designed and organised a Charity crop at my Solihull crop - and exhausting day but well worth the effort, especially when we raised over £840 which we were able to get fund-matrched and split between two charities - Typhoid UK and the Shenley Farm Community Centre -where we hold the crop - so both charities received £840 each.

Then to finish the month off, we had another family break in Sheringham.

My Hey Little Magpie October 2015 blogpost - using Crate Paper/Maggie Holmes - Shine collection - full blogpost here 

Come back in a few days, for my final two months catch up.

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