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Friday, 24 October 2014

Project Life - July 2014

Well, I don't believe it myself but I've manage to finish my July pages, there a few gaps that just needs photos adding, which I'm OK with and can easily be slotted in later, but the bulk of it is now complete.

a cinema visit, my smashed phone, out with the girls for a meal and the we watch cinema to watch the live performance of 'From Here to Eternity'.

Crafting at Sue's, Evening meal at Barbara to finalise what we wanted for our holiday, then the booking of our holiday

and for the few that haven't heard, we are going to New York next May - OMG !!! I'm so excited this is going to be another dream come true for me, I've thought about it for years and I'm so looking forward to spending it with the girls and experiencing all that New York has to offer.

Inside the bag is my thoughts on the booking and what happened whilst I was at the travel agents.

My first visit to Stoneleigh Abbey - but hopefully not my last, love it and will definitely go back again.

I loved the history of the place and the setting was just beautiful.

Mini photo shoot with James in his prom suit in our garden.

The day of the prom, OMG! he looked so grown up and he was so excited when he saw the car.

helping out at the schools summer fair, James crashing out on the rug (he has never, ever done this) after his late night at his prom, and the day helping at the fair.

The girls got me a lovely orchid and chocs' has a thank you for sorting the holiday, I was very touched.

James sleeping on the rug.

The announcement that I had been chosen to joint the  CT team at Hey Little Magpie, to say I was speechless was definitely an understatement, I was so chuffed and just hope that I can live up to the expectation.

 A trip to the theatre to see Wicked - what a fab show and I NEED to go back and see it again.

We had a weekend in Derbyshire

One of the things I wanted to see was the 'Well Dressings' which are lovely creations - but unfortunately due to the hot weather then the down pour the well dressings had crumbled, it was such a shame has the villages had gone to a lot of trouble.

We had a Sunday morning walk by the Lathkill, another beautiful place in Derbyshire and at the end of walk was this lovely waterfall, so tranquil and peaceful.

visits to Botanical Gardens, the beach coming to our area, 

I got a InstaxShare printer, and it fab,  I used it to print the photos for all these layouts here

Love spending time with James, and I'm taking as much as I can before he started College.

James and his Summer jobs around the house, and a photo shoot by Morag

with Lauren photo bombing one of the shots.

Well that was my July.

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