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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Another week by the Sea

We have just returned for a fab week in Norfolk, Sheringham to be precise I really love this place and when I'm away I think oh we should go here, or here then when Im there I just feel so relaxed that I forget about all the other places I want to see - lol.

So we set off and headed toward the Sun

Whenever I see these in the fields near March, I know we are nearly there

Took this photo on Saturday afternoon, and even thought its half term it was relative quite the whole week

I always visit the Lifeboat Station on the Sunday to watch it being launched and its practice run.

We had long walks family along the beach

And the 3 kids on the rock

James giving his cousin a hug before we carried on walking towards Cromer.

Has always the boys are ahead of me, has we headed towards West Runton Beach

and I  decided to walk over the hill back to Sheringham and not along the beach, whilst the boys continued on their walked  to Cromer.

The view from the top of the hill was amazing and it never seizes to amaze me.

We visited Cromer and the pier,  I've still not plunged up the courage to walk on it yet, maybe next year.

and my week wouldn't be complete without seeing the Steam Train - I love it - for some reason there was about 10 carriages attached so no one could get a good photo of the actual engine - not that I need anymore  from all the other times I've seen it - lol x.

Well that was my week, I really loved it in Sheringham and always start the week feeling stressed and under pressured, but after half an hour sitting on the beach listening to the tide roll in, I feel so much better, relaxed and stressed free - being able to focus more on what I want in my life without the added doubts I'm forever having.  I love living in the City, but I could do with visiting the seaside more often to keep me focus.

On a negative note, once again I had 'No Service' on my phone - so annoying and even thought I was expecting it did get on my nerves, I think I could have just about cope with no wifi connection, but to have neither was just was not on.  My Norfolk library card came in very handy - I've even got it renewed - lol x.  

Thanks for reading my rambling, and I hope you had a fab half term. 


Sheena said...

Great photos from a lovely week away Jackie x
There is something about the seaside that washes away all worries & stress xxx