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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Where has the time gone

Yes my boy has finished school, and looking forward to going to College in September.

This is his very first day at School back in Preston, a cute little 4 year old looking forward to making new friends, and leaving very nervous mummy at home to sit, wait  and worry and hope that he would be OK and telling myself that he's too young for school! he needs me! hows he going to cope!

  Age 4 - Sept 2001

Then we made the big move down to Birmingham and he had to start all over again, giving me even more to worry about, not only did we move down here and didn't know anyone, but we had only been in Birmingham for 2 weeks, and one week of that we where away on holiday.

 Age 6 - Sept 2004

Then before you know it he's gone through Infants and Juniors and it was time for Secondary school - OMG ! this I wasn't prepared for how on earth was he going to cope in a big school? with all those people? getting to and from school on his own!

 Age 11 - Sept 2009

Looking back I must of spent the the first few weeks of each new school in a consent state of panic, but I soon settled down and got used to his new beginnings, but more so James took each stage in his education, in his stride and looking back I needn't have worried, he made friends, and has really enjoyed going to school.

He has walked to school with the triplets for the past 4 years, and on the 1st and last day of each school year I have taken there photos of them together, always in this order and against this wall.  Hard to believe that this little routine has come to an end.

On his last day he had his GCSE Maths Exam in the morning, then this happened, has you can see from the smile on his face he had a great last day.

My boy is growing up fast and has become a handsome young man and now he  looking forward to starting college, and yes, I will have my weeks of panic, worry and doubts but I will just have to deal with it and know that he will be OK.

 Age 16 - June 2014

Love you son xxx

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Sheena said...

james has grown in to a lovely young man xxx