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Monday, 13 January 2014

One Little Word - Focus

Like many others I've decided join in with Ali Edwards example of choosing a word to use throughout the year,  I have chosen my word for 2014


Well this year, I'm going to try and bring some more control and focus to me, my family and my life.

So here are a few of my initial points that I will try over the year to keep to the front of my mind ...

Focus - on what is best for me.

Focus - on my family life.

Focus - on my health.

Focus - on what I want to do and not what others want me to do.

Focus - on being a good friend and person / but not a push over.

Focus - on being happy.

Focus - on just being me.

Yes, I need to bring more focus to my life, I need to be more 'selfish' in what I want from my life and stop worrying about how others are feeling or what they want.  They are doing just fine and I'm the one left worrying about silly things and changing my plans to make them happy.

So I hoping that having a word will keep me on track and will let me bring more focus to my life.


Sheena said...

Great OLW choice Jackie x
I find having a word really helps me
& I hope it work for you too xxx