What a Scrappy Life


Monday, 23 April 2012

Cover by Cover

So, yes I've decided to take an-other on-line class with Shimelle. You can find her full class description here.

I scrapbook every week, and over this past year or so, I found that my albums don't have a continuity to them, they are in specific albums, but when you look at them they don't flow. So I'm hoping that this class will give me some direction in sorting them out.

I can hear you saying, 'you can do that yourself', why yes of course I can, but sometimes it just takes someone to say something, or do something and it just clicks and you find that 'light blub' moment and you think WOW I get it now, so I'm hoping this class gives me that 'light blub' moment that I need.

The class starts on 7th May, and I looking forward to seeing what it entails.


heART&soul said...

Hope you enjoy it. I look forward to seeing what you learn.

Claire Crompton said...

I know exactly what you mean Jackie, that's why I'm taking the class too ;)


soapHOUSEmama said...

YAY! Looking forward to being your "classmate"