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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Project Life - February 2012 - part 2

So finally my weekend away. As I said previously I don't stress about only choicing one photo or have more that one photos to represent that day and this is why. I had a fab weekend away with my Solihull crop and wanted to document it by using more than just a few photos, and choose to use 4 different variations of the page protectors I have.

Much Wenlock - just documenting us all meeting in Much Wenlock for lunch, having a walk around the town, seeing the Olympic Museum.

Toad Hall - A few photos of Toad Hall scrap room - well actually a large lounge area with plenty of scrapping space as you can see, Julie & I - taking a break from scrapping and enjoying a stroll around the church yard, me getting messing with paints. (since taking the photo I've added my voucher to the top left pocket).

Then I added a 6x12 - photos of me and me scrapping friends - journalling just says how I enjoy spending time with Sam & Sheena, and how we always have such a laugh and it can be months between our meeting up, but it just seems like the day before.

Then on the back of that I added photos of me and Julie - I don't know what it is, but when ever we are together you can bet we will have a laughing fit, its normally me being my Northern -self and saying things out loud before I think about what I'm saying and then I get that disapproving look from Julie when I ask 'Whats wrong - what did I say now'. Sometimes I know what it is, but I've said it, and the more I try and flower what I say the worse it gets - hence the giggles.

Another Page protector - this is a WRMK one with 2 No. 6x4, 2 No. 7x5, 1 No. 7x2.

then on the back are these of me, the bottom one was a very pleasant surprise from the girls for organising the weekend. Julie made the card, and Sam go me the flowers, and they got a voucher to spend at my favourite crafting store - they know me so well - lol. (Photos of me taken by Morag)

Then a 6x4 horizontal page protector. Has scrappers we know the benefit of having loads of photos, so even though it was a bit cold we brave it and managed to get these group shots. These are a combination of Morag and mine photos - sorry not sure which ones are which has we both had the tripods up and times on - lol.

The finally on the back of these are a few of the photos I took, just around and about, with a bit on journalling saying what each of the photos are.

So there you have it, I'm pleased that I've decided to 'go with the flow' when it comes to including more or less photos/page protectors because I can now use up most of the photos I have taken instead of letting them gather dust in a box.

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Bernice said...

Love the pages. A lovely reminder for you of a great weekend. COuld I have copies of the photos of me please? Thanks

Sheena said...

Fabulous pages Jackie x
& a great reminder of our lovely weekend xxx

Sharon said...

Lovely pictures. You look like you had a lovely time. I've only ever met Sam and Sheena a couple of times at the Go Go Getaway but they are both lovely girls. Glad you had such a fab time away.