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Friday, 16 March 2012

Project Life - February 2012 - Part 1

I've finally got my February pages complete, the delay is mainly due to the fact that I had to wait to get my photos back from Photobox. I had used Photobox ages ago to have prints developed and found them really good, but the last two times I've been really disappointed in the quality and if it wasn't for the fact I had got some credit with them I would not be using them, as it is I have ended up re-doing a large amount of the photos myself at home - right rant over - here are my pages.

I have tried to keep the photos/information in chronological order, but I have also not stressed about having a photo a day to add to the pages, if I don't have a photo for that day, I can either journal about it or just miss it out, because some of the day will definitely have more than one photo - see my weekend away pages in part 2.

Big apology for the glare from the page protectors.

key points -
- receiving my PL page protectors (pp) - great having the official pages, and it will give this years album a completely different appearance than the previous ones I've done.
- cinema t0 see War Horse - good film not as weepy has I had expected.
- me & James just chilling

key points -
- early night - I normally only go to bed around midnight or later, but this night I wasn't feeling well and end up in bed before my son (always the scrapper eh! even though I wasn't feel too good, I still remembered to take a screen shot of the time).
- Read - still not feeling to good, so lying on the seatee, listening to James reading to me.
- new bike - James ended up getting a new bike, which was cheaper than mending his old one or so his Dad said.
- quick photo of James in his glasses.
- my latest hairdressers visit.

For the next page I used an American Crafts 6x4 pp to add some photos that James had taken.

key points

- Cinema trip with James to see Alvin & The Chipmunks, not sure who wanted to see it more him or me.
- James - decided that HE needed new clothes and dragging me around all the shop HE wanted to go in - now please tell me when did this happen - I feel like I feel a sleep and woke up and he's now a teenage overnight.

key points

- day trip to London, Jon took a day off work and with went down to London for the day in half term.
- Prince Albert monument - well I was in complete awe of this - never seen it before - and it was simply stunning - I was totally taken in - why hadn't I seen it before - I truly don't know - but it something I want to see again.

Please come back tomorrow and see my pages from my week-end away.


Sarah said...

Fab pages!! This will be so lovely to look back on!! x