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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Scarecrow Weekend

On Sunday (25th) me and Julie went to village of Belbroughton for the scarecrow weekend, well the rain put us off, so we didn't stay long, but these are a few photos I took, before we gave up and went for a coffee. The villagers had really got into the spirit of things and I love how around every corner there was a different 'character'. The theme was 'The B Festival' so all the characters where to do with music.

status quo

Boy George

Jessie J (complete with leg cast)


The Beetles

I also visited the local library - lol

What a great use of a telephone box.

and we ended a short visit with a latte and homemade scone - lovely.

Yummy !!!!


Sarah said...

Wow, those scarecrows are amazing!! yummy scones too! x