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Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to School

Just a quick post - James's 1st day back at school day in his new uniform. The school has changed uniform and I must say - he looks very smart.

These are the friends he walks to school with ... can you believe they are triplets. All look so different and each have a complete different personality but they are all lovely boys.

Happy 1st day back everyone and back to normal for the rest of us. The week is starting off with a meeting at James school about the re-structure and the way the school will be progressing over the coming years.



Scrapbook Junkie said...

James looks very handsome in his uniform. Back to normal now!

Sheena said...

Wow jackie x
James looks so smart & grown up x

The Scorpian Crafter said...

Love the uniform! I only wish uniforms had been approved for this school year. My kids are mini fashionistas...