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Sunday, 10 April 2011

WOW .. .this weather

Sorry this is a long post ... have rambled a bit but never mind eh!!!

is just what we all need. It makes everything look and feel 'happy' if you know what I mean, even though I'm sad.

I normally have loads of 'things' to do on an evening, not sure what these 'things' are but I always seem to have these 'things' to do. But over the past few weeks I've received some sad news - firstly, my cousin died at the age of 52 of cancer, and on the same day I found out about his death, my best friend of 35 years was diagnoised with terminal cancer and had a few months to live. On top of that it was also the anniversary of my brothers death 2 years ago, so obviously my head and heart has been all over the place these passed few weeks but it has got me thinking about life and what is important and what is not.

I feel that 'things' can just wait a while, while I go and enjoy being with my family and just hanging out. So on Friday evening, I ending up at my MIL ... not exciting but I've not seen her for weeks and she only live 10 mins away, we had a nice chat then had a walk in the park across the road from her house where Jon and James where playing football. The evening was just right, and it only took an hour and I felt so much better for it.

So we had a lovely walk enjoying the sights of the park.

A lovely magnolia in the MIL front garden

This is in the MIL sitting room

Then on Saturday I ventured into the City to do some shopping and then meet up with Jon and James after lunch.

Well on my travels through the Bullring I came across this ...

Jo Frost filming her current series of Jo Frost Extreme Parental Guidance, As I had my camera I thought it would be silly not to try and get some pictures ... so after going up and down the escalators several times to try and get the best shot I got these, not brilliant has she did stay in her area and had her back to crowd for most of the time ... which was a pity.

then on our way home we stopped off at the Botanical Gardens where there was a Bonsai Exhibition - these trees are just amazing ... I so wish I could afford one, but apart from the expense I know I would kill it within a week so it won't be on my list of things I need - LOL

Then I took this great photo of my two men sitting on a bench, it always amazes me when I see how James is so much like Jon and how their mannerisms are so alike.

So this coming week I going to London to spend time with my family before the funeral on Wednesday, then when I get back will be spending some quality time with the family, before making my trips up to Leeds to be with my best friend, her son (my godson) and his sister & her family, and hope that we can all deal with what is happening the best we can.

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Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin and friend Jackie. I'm glad you've been able to refocus and have found something positive in these darker days and enjoyed spending time with your family. Keeping your friend in my thoughts.